Help with understanding plans

I am an “all purpose rider” who does a lot of climbing.
I want to get stronger, climb faster and be faster on flats. Sprinting is not a focus of mine.
I do not race so the race seasons really do not apply to me.
Which program should i sign up for that will be tailored to my specific riding

Welcome! You may want to look at “Hilly Grand Fondo “ for a 12 week plan - speed strength and endurance there. Or focus on Volcano training plan which is 4 ish weeks of climbing work. Add strength training and yoga to stabilize core and add stability under low cadence power! These are full on indoor plans for northern hemisphere winter training. If you can ride outside change up one or two of the workouts for outdoor work.


Thank you . I tried to find the volcano plan but could not


How about the All-Purpose Road plan? I’m a similar type of rider to you, training primarily for Alpine Gran Fondos. I have decided to do the All-Purpose Road plan first over winter, then the Hilly Gran Fondo plan in spring.

The Volcano plan can be found in the “Special Focus” menu.

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It’s under the special focus tab. You would appreciate Goat, power station, it seemed like a good idea at the time, to get to the other side and they way out. The last two are less harsh but great videos if you love mountains and you can climb those and goat with Michael Cotty.

Thank you. I am new to this program and remain confused. So I have a Sufferfest subscription and a training peaks subscription. What is the difference?

I also signed up for the 1 week 4dp power test plan that shows up on training peaks but not on Sufferfest?

When I do the workouts in the 1 week 4dp plan is my trainer on erg or level? Will training peaks automatically adjust it.

So confused


If you want to keep things simple then you don’t need a Training Peaks account. You can do everything directly in the Sufferfest App. Training Peaks is a completely separate platform that provides a calendar and advanced training metrics. But since Sufferfest recently introduced their own calendar you can now just use that to track your workouts. Some Sufferfest plans are still available within Training Peaks, but you would be better off choosing plans directly in Sufferfest using their own App and calendar. Hope that helps

Edit: Also when you run workouts in the Sufferfest App you can switch between ERG and level mode in the settings tab. I do most workouts in ERG mode but the actual 4DP test needs to be completed in Level mode.

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Is there an overview of training plans? I’m trying to determine which one to do next (currently on all purpose road), and rather than select each plan in turn through the app, It would be great to see a 1 page layout

If you select the plan on the app it should go to Sufferfest calendar. Training peaks is a separate system that has some cross compatibility and more training metrics. You can specify on the SUF app to send the data to Training peaks. I use the free version which just keeps the TSS scores so if I ride outside the plan I have an idea of how much other work I do.

Erg is best for most workouts except 4DP test and some that require rapid changes in power like the last set in Violater. Theres a article accessed off the home page where it says “Train smarter with expert knowledge” and click on POWER OR CADENCE? ERG OR LEVEL? QUIT OR GO ON?

this. has a table as to what to do if you need to choose erg/level cadence or power as primary focus and how to handle a good or bad day. Generally in erg you only have to match the cadence requirements as the smart trainer adds the load.

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