Which workouts to skip on strength day?

When you are short on time and you have yoga + strength + inspiration video on the same day which one do you cut?

I’d skip the ride. I find that I generally do too little mobility/strength work.


Hey @ErickT ,
As @Gunnar suggested, If I had to skip one thing it would be the recovery ride.


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Thank you. It’s been challenging to complete both the strength and cycling workouts on the same day lately.

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I would skip the inspiration ride, especially if it is a recovery ride. Not riding is recovery as well.

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Last strength day I skipped the strength workout. :grin:

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Most of the strength days in my plan end up being cadence builds.

I’m still not convinced of the science behind doing these quite intense sessions straight after strength work. It’s not like your brain is gonna go “oh, yeah, you did some cycling, so I’m gonna change my response to the lifting stress to lay down specific cycling gains” (what are these supposed to be - type I? II!)

Maybe teaching the body how to deal upper body + core fatigue and lower body + aerobic systems fatigue later on?

Except you do them consecutively - at the same time. So it’s lower body and core fatigue, then some cycling specific more core fatigue. The upper body part you can give it take.

That said, here I’m talking about the idea in theory - I replace the SF strength workouts with normal strength workouts because I have the experience to do so and bodyweight work isn’t stress.

I have another one for you.

Mobilise and Activate 1
Beginner Strength 3B

I’ve already done Beginner Strength 3 A and Upperbody A this week as per plan.

GOAT is a great workout paired with strength. If it’s possible split it up, do the yoga then strength and later in the day/evening, do GOAT. If that’s not possible, you could cut the strength because you’ve done 2 sessions already and GOAT is a great NM workout. OR do yoga and strength (just the lower body), then GOAT.


Thank you again. My day changed so I was able to complete all three workouts today!

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