Why doesn't the Kickr Bike have resistance mode?

Seems like a crazy oversight? It’s the closest thing in looks and ergonomics to a spin bike why wouldn’t it have this mode when its direct drive bike trainers do?

Is this a software or a hardware thing? Think it will ever be brought in with a firmware update or are we looking at possibly waiting for Kickr Bike v3?

I only bring this up because my SO would love to use my bike for spin classes, seems like it would only be a benefit in selling these things and leave the worlds of RGT and sufferfest for me.

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Hey @Jamie0000, welcome to the forums. You can use the Wahoo Fitness App to set resistance at any amount you want and adjust up/ down with the app. Unless you’re looking for something else.

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Hi, thanks for the welcome. The image you have posted is exactly what I want. Unfortunately it is not available on the kickr bike

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I see! I got the Kickr ‘18 and just figured bike would be the same. How strange is that?! I wonder what the thinking was or why they don’t have it?

Can you control the bike from another app, or from a head unit?

That may be possible, I’ll look into it for now, thanks

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Having never used a spin bike, i’m probably not understanding the issue correctly; does the spin bike brake change the power/speed curve in some funky way, or is it just a linear increase ? (2/10 adds 10% resistance over 1/10 and so on).
For example, what would the difference between changing the resistance of a brake (so, say, starting from the initial / “natural“ resistance the brake, and then incrementally increasing it up to some maximum) and using level mode on the Kickr Bike, choosing an initial difficulty using the gears and/or level difficulty, and then incrementally increasing the resistance using the gears be ?

Might be barking up the wrong tree, apologies if this is a dumb question.

I think that is a kind of work around. As far as I understand it, “level” mode runs off a resistance curve (https://support.wahoofitness.com/hc/en-us/articles/4402565219218-A-Guide-to-using-Level-Mode) So the faster your cadence the faster your speed the more resistance you get. In “Resistance” mode or on a spin bike the resistance is a set level no matter your cadence. So you can adjust your cadence and resistance independently depending on the instructors commands in the class, or that’s how I understand it.

Im just curious whether its a hardware limitation of the bike to have it excluded from the app or whether it might be in the pipeline to be added

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Sorry to brake the news, resistance might not be available on the Kickr Bike

** Resistance: Just like adjusting the brake in spin class. For those who need complete control, this allows you to set the resistance of the brake manually anywhere from 0 to 100%. Regardless of speed, resistance will remain the same until otherwise changed.*
(Note: Resistance mode is not available on KICKR BIKE)

EDIT: I don’t know the Kickr Bike, but try this:
To switch between modes on the Wahoo Kickr Bike, simply press the “Mode” button on the handlebars and use the arrows to select your desired mode. - ChatGPT

Sorry /Peter

@Jamie0000 If this is true then add a post for a feature request. It is interesting that it would only be available for the Kickr and not the bike. Must be some sort of limitation of the hardware or additional programming needed for the bike.

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Maybe a design choice?
I’d choose Sim over Resistance for Systm workouts or RGT events any time

That would be good, but the forums don’t have a category for feature requests outside of SYSTM and it’s an equipment feature request :man_shrugging: