Wich version do i got

Hi All,


i want to buy a kickr core (used) but i dont know wich version this is.
I now got a kickr snap and want to upgrade it to a kickr core.

But is this a good version? not a really old one? i want to use it for Zwift is this compatible?

ty for helping

Per the part number in your picture (WFBKTR4), you have a KICKR CORE. It should be compatible with Zwift. Zwift is even currently selling a KICKR Core package!


I’ve had a Kickr Core since Oct 2020 and it has worked great with Zwift. So, you should be good to go with a Core and Zwift or any other platform.


Unlike the KICKR, which has had a few upgrades over the years resulting in different hardware versions, the KICKR CORE has not had those until the introduction of the KICKR CORE Zwift One, which uses the Zwift cog rather than a cassette.