Kickr bike replacement

After a week of going back and forth with support on my Kickr bike, they have decided it needs to be replaced. They are sending a fully reconditioned unit. Does anyone here have any experience with this and how did it go? Thanks.

My KICKR CORE is being replaced after a little over 2,5 year of usage. It was picked up last Friday and I will pick up my reconditioned one tomorrow at the pick up point. Went pretty smoothly so far.

Is this useful information for you?

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@marrekie thanks Mark, that answers the first half of my curiosity. That being how the process went. The second part is, what was the quality of the bike you got back? I guess that is a TBD for you. Do let me know when you get it.

Will let you know after I have installed and tested it, Critmark.

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My experiences with Wahoo support have been stellar, particularly when supporting my out of warranty bike (which they replaced at no cost to me).

See this thread for a range of experiences with Kickr Bike support:

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on my wahoo kickr not the bike I had it fail out side of warranty and they replaced it with a refurb and its been great. I opted for the advance replacment vs waiting for shipping as no pikc up point was avilable for me. they will put a pending charge on your card if you opt that route which may not be as fesable since the kickr bike cost more. but so far so good on the replacment


So I picked up the CORE last Wednesday, unpacked the CORE yesterday, installed it and did a few test runs yesterday as well. Seems like this CORE is even better than my previous one!

So no downsides so far…


@marrekie thanks for the update.