Win for Sufferfest

Two weeks ago I completed an Everesting (that’s riding the same hill over and over in one day until reaching the elevation gain of Everest or 8848m). It took nearly 19hrs riding and 25 hours total on the bike, 312km, 20 laps of Ghin Ghin Rd, Highlands, Victoria (Aus). I did it as part of a ‘Worldwide Women’s Everesting Weekend’, with a bunch of other women (11 complete, 9 ‘base camps’ (half Everests) plus some interstate friends who did virtual versions on the trainer).
A storm hit when I had done 14 laps, with 6 hours to go, and we had to take shelter for ages, contemplating our moves. For me, choosing to finish was relatively straightforward, and only a matter of persistence (I was pretty tired by then and the brain only makes simple decisions!). Yes it was exhausting and harder than any ride I have done. But this 53-year-old body held up so well that I had no pain or other issues to stop me. On previous long hill rides my neck and back and nether regions would have been killing me. I thank Sufferfest for my preparation.

Here in Melbourne we were locked down for months, mostly only allowed out for 1 or 2 hour exercise within 5km of home. I chose to stay indoors and even made up my own Sufferfest challenge (50 videos in 5 weeks), so once we were allowed out I had a healthy bank of fitness, including mental strength. For a couple of years I have been doing Abi’s yoga most days and believe the core strength was the difference between failure and an enjoyable and successful Everesting experience.
Thanks Sufferfest!


Awesome effort! It’s amazing what you can achieve with the right prep.

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Wow that’s an incredible achievement. Huge congratulations :clap::clap:

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Wow, great achievement. Congrats! @Ali_S

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There is a hill on my normal route that crushes me every time. I had to laugh out loud at the thought of Everesting it. I’m very, very impressed. And maybe even a bit motivated. Thanks for sharing.