14 Day Trial-First Workout and Sufferfest is AWESOME

HI All, Not sure if I’m posting in the correct category, but here goes…

Sufferfest noob here, started the 14 day trial today after receiving an email from Wahoo. I had heard of Sufferfest but never took the time to have a look at the program. This was a BIG miss for me as I had no idea that Sufferfest included not only structured cycling workouts, but also Yoga, and Strength Training AND Mental Toughness, how awesome is that ! ! !

Setup everything and did the first workout in the 14 day trial plan, “Getting Away With It”. Everything connected perfectly using Sufferfest on my WIN10 computer, Kickr SNAP, cadence sensor and my HR strap. I really enjoyed the workout and accompanying vids and music. I have been using that wildly popular cycling app riding around the fantasy worlds for 3 1/2 years, but honestly felt my training was going nowhere. I’m really looking forward to a more structured approach and the other components of Sufferfest are very intriguing and ready to dive in.

Couple of questions:
Really like the calendar. Can the Sufferfest calendar export to outlook?

Today’s workout included several “off the saddle” intervals. For some reason off the saddle on the trainer is really difficult for me, out of the road off the saddle is no problem. I feel I can’t get in a good body position for these efforts with the bike fixed on the trainer. Any suggestions?

Today’s effort included a cool down. I would have preferred a longer cool down to bring the heart rate lower. However, once the workout ended I had no way to monitor heart rate. Any ideas how I can monitor HR once the Sufferfest workout /cool down ended? Are there any Sufferfest specific cool downs that I could have started?

Anyway this Forum has a tremendous amount of useful information and the nutrition article by Coach Suzie S will be VERY useful to me for sure.

Thanks in advance, Max


Hello Craig, and welcome to The Sufferfest / Wahoo SUF Training. :slight_smile:

Awesome that you already discovered the yoga, strength and mental offerings from SUF. It will help you become a more well rounded athlete.

Let me answer some of your questions with links to and replies from other topics:

Please have a look at this topic. While the premise is a bit different, the tips given in here should be helpful.

You have two options for a longer cooldown:

  1. When you finish your workout and the “Workout Done”-Screen pops up, just click on “Resume Workout” and move the timeline cursor to the place you want to start off from again.
    This way you can extend the workout as you please.
  2. Use another video to cooldown: For example Open 15 or Extra Shot (at reduced intensity).

You are absolutely right that there is a wealth of information in this forum. There are so many great articles from the coaches.
And if you have any questions or need further support, feel free to ask anything.

I’m curious, did you already decide on a training plan and set some goals for yourself?

Happy suffering. See you around.

EDIT: Just in case you didn’t know. There is an ongoing promotion through October 19th to get a free Wahoo heart rate monitor if you dedice on an annual subscription. More info right here.

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Hi Pierre,

Thanks for the info, will definitely try the cooldown suggestions and the check out the article.

I’m going to work through the 14 Day trail suggested workouts/activities then will figure which plan will be for me. I may ask on this forum which plans would be a good fit for me.


Ah, sorry, totally missed that it was your first day of the trial. Duh. Somehow I read it all like you just finished the 14-day plan.

In this case, enjoy your trial and please report back on how it went afterwards.
There’s much to look forward to…

Welcome! Re. the out the saddle comment, check out the Elements of Style video. Among others, it’ll take you through drills on getting in and out the saddle smoothly. A few goes and you’ll be gliding between standing and sitting

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Likewise, although just under a year in that ‘other place’ for me. I’m learning to to trust the training plan that’s been set up for me (and not question too much whether a workout should feel this easy/hard) and I’m definitely feeling like I’m getting more out of my time on the bike now.

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I’m just coming up to the end of my free trial and found it pretty awesome. Will definitely be signing up for the long haul. Sufferfest makes structured interval sessions a LOT more entertaining than anything else I’ve used. I really like the sense of humour here.

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Yay! Do make sure you check out the Tour of Sufferlandria when it’s announced - two weeks in hell, but with the best community support you could possibly imagine.

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