Workout cadence targets

Is there any scientific evidence for the cadence targets used in workouts? Presumably more energy expended at higher cadences but power more manageable due to lower forces. I also suspect carb usage down at higher cadences.

Take a look at this thread:

Do you know the following GCN Video?

Si is visting Neil Henderson in his lab. If I remember correctly, there is also a short test and explanation in regards to differences in cadence and the resulting heart rate.
In general, it’s a very interesting video.

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Are you on a plan?

Hi @Drumalief1

My understanding from reading SUF material, and some of the workouts where this is used is that different cadences target different training outcomes and that the SUF team continually keep on top of that.
The best examples I can think of is Power Station vs (for example) Cadence Builds.

Power Station had you working low cadences to target muscle use that helps build strength
Then you hit Cadence Builds and the explanation talks about getting out neuro’s firing fast to target a different outcome.

Rather than mis-represent the descriptions in the videos, from what I’ve seen the short answer is yes.

Many thanks for that, Matin. Much appreciated.
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