Choose a longer workout

New to the SYSTM, like it so far but there is some seriously easy changes to make it better.

  1. Option to choose a longer workout. For example, if you have plan loaded and the workout is 45 minutes long but you want something harder or longer, I would like to software to suggest to me some options for doing a longer version. Perhaps same workout but extra intervals. Or perhaps the option to add on some zone 2 work etc.

  2. The forum - why can’t I just login with my SYSTM account, why do I need to create a duplicate account just for the forum. Seems silly in this day and age.

  3. Outdoor workouts are a must. I will not use SYSTM beyond the winter without it.

  4. A performance manager please. If SYSTM wants to be a serious training platform then it needs to avoid the need to use training peaks for more detailed analysis.

  5. Power match. I’ve noticed that when using wahoo kickr and both my bikes power meter I am not getting left and right power recorded which tells me it’s ignoring my power meter maybe.

So far so good… with some tweaks and new features it would be a long term thing for me. At the moment it’s just something I will use until I get bored then revert back to a more comprehensive software such as trainer road etc.

Some of the plans do (or used to do) almost that. If you want more intervals, pause after the last one and rewind to an earlier one (obviously—include the recovery part). Super simple way to extend a workout.

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This seems to be ignoring the point of having a plan but up to the user, I guess.

I suspect that’s because Discourse is it’s own app and company that isn’t really anything to do with Wahoo.

Try the Extra Shot video - it is designed for exactly that purpose. Also you can always use the slider in the workout player to rewind the workout and replay which works well if you want a longer cool down or want to add additional intervals.

Note that the weekend rides generally include a NoVid endurance ride which can be done inside or outside. In the old software platform there were specific instructions on indoor and outdoor rides. In the new platform it is up to the rider.

There is one in the works. It wasn’t ready for launch. We are all eagerly awaiting its announcement.

Not available right now. Maybe something we will see at some point but I don’t think it is a priority. I would suggest using your trainer’s power measurement for inside power to be consistent.