Workout Sync

Whilst doing a training plan workout I stopped to sort out an annoying squeaking noise on my bike/trainer.

When I restarted the workout it had lost connection to my cadence sensor. Disconnecting and rescanning did not find it and I couldn’t do anything to resolve it.

I tried restarting Systm to detect the sensor (which worked) in the hope it would be able to pickup where I had left off in the workout, and it nearly managed to do it, automatically starting the workout again in the right place, which was good.

However, it has split my effort into 2 and only sync’d one of them to the plan workout.

See the attached screenshot - De Stig, 1st half synced and in orange as partially done, 2nd half is recorded separately.

I am just wondering if there’s anything I can do to combine them back into one effort and sync this as one with the plan?

@EzaBlade You probably can’t combine them but reach out to support to see what they can do.

If you want the 1st one to turn green you can add a new workout and drag it over the completed workout.

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