Workouts aren't has hard as they were a few weeks ago #FullFrontal

Full Frontal…this is the only ride on Sufferfest I have failed multiple times. The pacing is challenging to say the least. But I haven’t done it in a long time and I’m on a kickr bike now. It’s time to retest. Yikes. Yesterday was day one of the week prep plan. But I did The Bat instead. It’s such a good mental boost for Full Frontal week, they should probably just include that in the plan.

I have no doubt I’ll complete the ride this week. I’ll be smiling as well. IT’s may be hidden below the grimacing, but it’ll be there.


congrats on the Bike!

I always do the 7 day test prep plan that includes a HM on day 3 and FF on day 7. The HM sets the targets in the FF making it very easy to pace, but very tough to complete, as it should be.