Full frontal 4D test - Reccomend training the days after?

Hi guys

I am new to Sufferfest, so please bear with me if my question sounds dumb :stuck_out_tongue:

I completed my first full frontal yesterday and today I do fell somewhat tired, but not too tired to train.

Do you have any recommend training for today?

I have signed of for a training plan starting Friday, so I have a couple of days to fill in before.

Thank you in advance


You can “live the life” for a couple of days, because you will forget how to do so when the program starts :joy:

Jokes aside, even if you feel absolutely fine, you body might not be.
Give it some rest and don’t forget that you always become stronger when you recover.
This is when you build muscle mass.

You can try some easy yoga videos to loosen up the tight areas, like
Shake of the day
Super easy stretch routine I
Hamstring and calf flexibility
and more

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Well done on getting full frontal done and I hope you were pleased with the outcome!

You definitely want to take it easy over the next couple of days as the Fitness test takes a lot out of you so no harm in taking a recovery day or checking out some of our other content categories: mental toughness, yoga…

If you are absolutely desperate to get on the bike look in the inspiration category and do a recovery ride no longer than 30mins.


Welcome to Sufferlandria and well done on surviving FF. Rest up for a couple days then hopefully the plan you signed up for is the TOS and you will have 7 days of glorious suffering with all of us.

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Hi Julian - this came up recently andthe general chat was wait a few days for best outcomes - thread here:

FF - three days rest.com

Hi guys

Thank you guy :slight_smile:

I ended up taking a full rest day and today it is recovery and yoga.

@Martin thank you for the thread, I didn´t see it when I was looking.

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