Workouts not showing as "virtual" ride in Strava

Hey folks,

At some point I noticed that SYSTM rides that are getting uploaded to Strava are showing up categorized as “Ride” as opposed to “Virtual Ride.” Maybe this started happening in June? I know I can edit them in Strava, but is it possible to get this fixed on the SYSTM end?



They get tagged as “Indoor Rides”, but that’s not the same thing. It would be nice if they’d go back to how it used to be.

Strava seems to have removed the option to mark any ride done on a trainer as a Virtual Ride. Anyone else seeing this?

The option to tag them as an indoor ride is still there though. But all my virtual rides are tagged as such. This seems to be new behaviour on Strava’s end.

On syncing with Veloviewer, the rides done on Systm are marked as a Ride (Trainer) this is messing with the stats! :face_with_monocle:

@DavM Yes and it seems to be different for the app versus the web too. I have give up caring about it at this point.

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Yes! Mine are all marked as ‘Rides’. Used to be able to go in and change it to a Virtual Ride but within last month or so that ability has vanished.

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I thonk that virtual ride is going away. In it place will be indoor ride.