Workouts To Build V02 Max -- options?

Hi All,

Looking for advice from experienced Kickerites and Cyclists.

I used to compete with my university track and field sprint team and in my 30s got into long distances. However, never went about systematically building up V02 Max.

Now at 47, have been experimenting with a few routines on the Kickr Core, mostly through GCN Global Cycling Network. I’ve done 2, 3 and 5 minute intervals on 30 minute workouts.

However looking for some other ways of doing this. Any coaches or experienced cyclists able to give feedback? There are two I would like to use, if they are effective.

5 minute interval after 60-90 minute lactate zone 2 workout.
1 minute intervals with 2-3 minute breaks for 30-40 minutes.

Will these be effective?

Basically, my goal is to get up to about 60 or thereabouts. I do about 5-6 hours of zone 2 a week which will support this goal (and for other reasons) although of course harder intervals will be needed.

Thanks so much.

Hey @Canadian-Ice ,
Are you currently training with the SYSTM app?