57 and a Sufferfest Noob

Hello! I’m 57 and haven’t been active on a bike for 10 years. That said, 10 yrs ago I would ride 3k/yr for nearly 10 yrs so I do have some (dated) experience. Just got a Kickr and am looking for advice as to how to get started, what program should I follow, when should I take the 4DP, etc. Excited to reunite with my bike and looking forward to Sufferfest! Thanks!!


Hi @Kevin_Ritter and welcome

The best advice is to do the FF Prep Plan to get your 4DP and rider type. All plans and workouts are set by these

I may be completely off but I’m 61 and in somewhat the same boat as you (injuries got in the way). I’ve been doing Peloton app classes off and on with an old school fluid trainer for the last few months. I finally bought a Kickr Core so I did the 14 day trial plan to evaluate SF but I used this time to get used to the trainer, reacquaint myself with pedaling form, cadence and pacing, and do the Half Monty. I’ve now scheduled the FF prep week but from what I’ve read I think the FF will just be frustrating until you feel your body is at least a bit reacquainted with its old self. If this plan worked, we’ll know Monday based on the volume of moaning coming from Oregon.

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Thanks! I’ll check it out.

I think I’ve decided to start with the FF prep week. Yeah, I spun a bit last night and, ugh, why did I leave the bike for 10yrs! Lots of moaning here in Denver as well! Please let me know how it goes…