All around fitness?

Hello…My wife has recently gifted me with a Kickr & SYSTM subscription and boy what a nice change but I am lost. For the past 3 years, I had been using a fluid based “dumb” trainer with a very simple interval criss cross 45 minute daily workout…probably wasn’t the best idea but I stuck with it. Call me weird but I never ride outside and I don’t like Zwift…I’m just looking for something indoor, all-purpose, reasonably challenging, that I can do regularly. I did the half monty and the 4dp but since I’m not seeking any cycling skills and I just want to stay reasonably “fit” for my age (48) I have no clue whether I should prioritize MAP/FTP/etc…I mix in running once a week and upper body weights post cycling. Any help on what workouts I should pick/concentrate on in the great library? I don’t mind training monotony as I long as the stereo is blasting. Thanks !

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Welcome @glowworm

Three ways to approach this. The first is to look at what weaknesses your Full Frontal revealed and using the library filter find workouts that focus on them. Remembering not to neglect your strengths.

The second is to do a Building Block plan that focuses on them e.g. I’m doing an AC/NM block at the moment.

The third is to choose something like All Purpose Road Plan - the workouts within will be tailored to work on your strengths and weaknesses, as well as obviously being tailored to your power outputs.


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With that user name you should definitely ride “It seemed like a good idea at the time”



@glowworm I hope you said thank you! :wink:



Haha…She took pity of me with the daily calibration…Yes my user name does stand out :grin:

Thanks for your suggestions Craig.

Hi @glowworm im also 48, I don’t cycle outside but I might run 2-3 times a week. What I’ve been doing is a 4 week Building Block, the first was a MAP Block then I had 2 weeks of the A Week With then I went back into another 4 Week Threshold Block. Then I will do another 4DP Buildup week. What you could try doing is a 4 Week Block then for the next 2 weeks just do some of the On Location or Pro Rides then go back into another Training Block. This will take away the monotony of just doing training every week as the Pro Rides, On Locations and A Week With are all due to get more rides in the coming months so you’ll have plenty to keep you busy. Id also suggest working the Yoga into the weeks as your body will thank you for it after getting off the bike.

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Many thanks for your suggestions…indeed I see the building blocks look interesting indeed.

If you stick with it, you will fail at your goal and become at least “quite fit” if not “very fit”.