Wrong HR-values during SystemX training

Somebody tell me why SystemX shows wrong HR-values during a ride.
It shows prefered setting on hard training 168-185(shows values where it “should” stay during some section) which I will never be able to reach. My max HR is about 165.
Done Full Frontal. It should recognice my HR during that test.
Hope someone understand what I mean.


Hi. What is SYSTM holding for your cTHR in the app

(On iOS - settings, profile, athlete profile).

If that’s not been updated properly by SYSTM after your test it might need set manually.

My cTHR is around 92% of my maximum recorded HR in the last 2 years if that’s a useful reference

Hope that helps.

Hi. The values seems to be ok but it still shows much higher values during the ride on a training.
Up to 189 or something… Bug maybe?

Next time I’ll try to do a screencopy…if I remember :grin:
su 25. jouluk. 2022 klo 14.55 Martin via Wahoo X Forum (notifications@thesufferfest.discoursemail.com) kirjoitti:

Hey there. Yeah that looks fine.

So if you’re in Z5 intervals you’ll see 156-something high I guess.

Is this screenshot from the same device you’re using to work out (just checking there’s isn’t a second decide that is somehow out of sync - that should never happen obviously as it’s cloud based but just in case).

Seems really odd - yeah share a screenshot when you get a chance. Happy to help as much as possible.

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Here’s my HR zones:

And a screenshot from a Z5 effort in a workout I just recently did.

My guess is that Z5 is set as minimum = cTHR, maximum = cTHR + 30. I ignore the maximum value as there’s no way I can reach that.

As Sir @Martin said, check the device you’re doing the workout on and make sure it’s got the right numbers. They should normally sync automatically, but it’s worth checking.

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Also, the HR numbers are a guesstimate on where your HR SHOULD BE. If it is lower, don’t fret it. You could be having a great day. If it is over, you need to take a recovery day. You are reaching overtraining. As to the science behind the numbers, there was a post on the old Sufferfest site on how Sir Neal came to these numbers. Coggins, et. al. did a long study on cTHR and the relationship to Power levels. However, it’s long, technical, and extremely boring for most people and really doesn’t get you to the point where you understand where the numbers on the screen come from anyway.