HR zones to strava

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Firstly Happy New Year to you all. I wonder if someone might know the answer to my question. I’ve used the search, but couldn’t find the answer, and I’m sure it’s going to be straight forward.

Today I took my training outside and I’m assuming it’s normal to use the same HR zones calculated in SYSTM in Strava? I don’t have a power meter on the bike I’m using over winter, so for my endurance rides will be using HR. To keep things consistent, I’d like to review the same zones in both apps, but strava zones were based on my max hr whereas in SYSTM, following the FF is based on cTHR. I am assuming that it’s normal to just update Strava with the same zones?

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That’s what I do. Can’t say if it’s “normal”….

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Thanks, that’s reassuring to hear. I prefer the SYSTM zones too as they also give me a higher ceiling in zones especially z2 which traditionally I’ve struggled to keep in when using the Strava zones.

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You can customize your HR zones in Strava so you can set them to anything you want.

I set strava and Garmin to my SYSTM zones to keep things consistent. I figure SYSTM does all the testing and figuring therefore it should be the driver, not Garmin’s “oh you did this today so you should now be at this”.


Thanks all, zones have been adjusted and hopefully this helps someone else in the future. Happy suffering :grinning: