Yoga after a crash

I was in a bad crash Sunday and have broken my wrist and have a bad concussion.

This obviously means doing the yoga workouts involving my arms is out of the question. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do as the doctors are telling me my wrist is a 4-5 month recovery time and after my yoga gains the last 2 years I don’t want go back.

@abicarver - any suggestions?

Thanks in advance



Oh, Steve! What a drag! Best wishes on a speedy recovery.

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Oh my. Wishing you rapid healing. You probably know this, but you ought to take it easy for the sake of the concussion too. I had a concussion (bike crash—cracked my helmet but still bruised my brain) about 10 years ago. No exaggeration: I couldn’t even think hard for more than a few minutes without getting a headache for several weeks.


First, take care of yourself. That sounds awful! We wish you the speediest of recoveries.

I would hope that you get assigned some PT as part of your recovery from your wrist injury.

But before that, tho, make sure you get over your concussion. You can do some minimal stretching, but definitely take it easy. Better to recover a little longer than to try to push to come back too quickly.

Wishing you all the best in your recovery!

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Echoing the others, focus on a full recovery from the concussion first!!

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Please do take time to heal.

There are some videos such as Mobilise The Joints that are mostly seated. Practicing the breathing exercises might be an option to help with pain.

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That’s awful. Feel for you. Wishing you the speediest of recoveries. What you’ve gained will come back. Take care.

I’m sorry to hear about your accident and injuries.

My advice from a lifetime of different running/rugby/skiing/life injuries is to do as much as you are capable of, but no more. Take it steady, keep checking your body throughout the process, make sure you’re in tune with what it is capable of at the time.

The bust wrist sucks and will effect what you can do, but it will heal. Last year I managed to put my hand through a window and slice through a good chunk of my palm. In the grand scheme of things it wasnt serious, nothing like yours whatsoever, but it was logistically challenging. Lots of padding and aerobars meant I could still ride the Kickr without putting any weight through it. But when things got painful (bad painful…) I forced myself to stop. Knowing that you’re looking after yourself helps argue agianst the internal demons beating you up for not working out.

And, as many people have said already, go slow and get that concussion out the system first. Pushing on is important, but the brain is more so. Without the brain we can’t feel suffering!


if you join abi’s yoga15 site, she has a course that is no hands/wrists for exactly this sort of thing. But want to echo to please take it slow recovering from a concussion. feel better!!

Thanks all for the really helpful advice. Back on my indoor trainer but sticking to a base plan instead of HIIT for the next few weeks. For the yoga I am going to use the existing workouts and simply skip the bits that involve my hands! Will also check out Abi’s website.

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