Introducing the new “Yoga For Recovery” videos!

Hi, I’m Abi and I’m here to help you get the very most that you can out of the yoga videos available to you on the app.

Today specifically, I want to give you some more information about 5 brand new Recovery videos that have you covered from head to toe. Here is the anatomical break down:

  1. Feet And Ankles
  2. Hips And Groin
  3. Lower Back
  4. Thoracic/Mid Back
  5. Neck And Shoulders


These videos are slow. They combine joint mobilisations and static stretches, that we hold for 3-5 breaths each. Seasoned Sufferfest yogis will be familiar with many of the poses, such as Downward Dog, Happy Baby, Puppy and Dead Pigeon Pose but there are also some new moves in there, including Half-Twisted Scorpion and Frog Pose.


One of many aspects that differentiates yoga from traditional stretching is a technique we call “sequencing”. For example, if your goal is to release tension in tight hip flexors, we work through a progression of poses that takes you from a gentle stretch, eg. Low Lunge, through to the deeper stretches eg. Lizard Pose. Try to spot these progressions in the videos and the parallel increase in depth of release that you experience. It should feel really good!


  1. One of the primary objectives with these sequences is pain relief. We stretch the hamstrings and hips to relieve pressure on the lower back, open up the chest and the fronts of the shoulders to alleviate pain in between the shoulder blades and improve neck and shoulder mobility to ease stiffness in the upper body.
  2. Second up is deepening your Recovery so that you can ride and run faster and for longer. It’s just not possible to dig deep and perform at your best if your body is tight and you’re not balancing your training with periods of rest and rejuvenation.
  3. Finally, as mind and body are connected, these sequences are designed to relieve stress, increase a sense of peace in your mind and improve your ability to focus.

How to get the most out of these videos

Even though the videos are only 15 minutes long and I guide you through each and every breath and movement, I’d love for you to meet me halfway! Please try to find a time and place where you are not distracted to complete your session. Of course, it is fantastic to practice alongside your family and it can be helpful to discuss where you felt the stretches and how you found the poses afterwards, but try not to disturb each other during the session.

And what about distracting yourself? Ideally, you want to keep your mind focused on the routine for the full 15 minutes, so if your mind wanders off, either go and do the thing you are worried about or try to put it out of your mind for the duration. You’ll find that developing this skill can also be very useful off the mat.

And finally, the breath is the most important element in these videos. Try to take slow breaths deep into your abdomen and to lengthen your exhalations as you tune into the sensation of releasing tension. If you notice your mind wandering off, you can even count the breaths in your head to maintain focus.


No yoga is easy. In fact, even the easy stuff is hard! There are likely to be poses that you struggle to get into comfortably but there are always modifications and substitutions so just drop me a message and I’ll see if I can help. Also, you might get bored! But don’t worry about that, it’s good for you. Stick with it and you’ll feel way more relaxed for the rest of your life.


Oh hullo … how fantastic to see our favourite yogi in the forums :slight_smile: :bellhop_bell::clap::sun_with_face::kissing_heart:


Hi! I thought I better just check everyone’s doing ok in here!


Sequencing, breath, boredom, attention … ah great! Look forward to the new videos and your input in the forum!


Thanks @abicarver. The new yoga videos are great. I’m currently on a 90-day streak, so it’s wonderful to have some more variety. The foot and ankle one certainly showed me that I’ve got work to do in that area!


Hi Abi. You don’t know most of us, so far, but many here in the forum already know you. We have a very one sided relationship going - don’t we. :wink:

Anyway, thank you for all the great yoga videos and these great new additions.

I‘m happy you are on board.


Thank you Pierre. That’s very welcoming. I’m excited to even out the playing field a little!

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Awesome! And congratulations on your 90-day streak. That’s very impressive. It’s amazing what ranges of mobility we don’t even realise we have (temporarily) lost access to!


Abi you are a superstar. Somehow through your expertise and guidance my Rotator cuff injury has miraculously almost disappeared.
Looking forward to trying the new vids.
Onwards and upwards.


Oh wow! That is fantastic. Thank you so much for letting me know. Please be careful not to over-stretch your shoulder in the new Recovery videos as we hold the poses for several breaths. But as long as you continue to be mindful, I’m sure they will continue to support your recovery! Please keep in touch with your progress.


So fantastic to have you here with us @abicarver!


Did hip & groin a short while ago and found it hust what I needed to begin kneeding a knot buried deep it my right hip/glute area.

I was thinking the pacing seemed a touch slower but wasn’t sure if that was because the video was categorized as “beginner.” Regardless, pacing was perfect as was the routine itself.

Glad to know you are not only continuing work with SUF but also haunting the forums. :slight_smile:


Which vid would you recommend during pregnancy (2nd/3rd trimester)? Or which poses are to avoid?

Greetings from Sufferlandria-Germany😃


Thank you boss! I’m stoked to be here.


Thank you! And congratulations! Unfortunately, this is actually not my area of expertise. If you are able to find out from your doctor which poses and positions are safe for you, I can point you in the right direction!

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That’s great! Hopefully, the slower pace allows you to get into those deeper layers of tension, especially in the hips and thoracic. And thank you for the welcome!

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Hi Abi!
How should we approach yoga following injury or surgery? I’ve recently had a knee operation and am under the physiotherapist, but keen to get as much flexibility as possible back in due course.
Are the new recovery workouts a good start?

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I really want to thank you, @David.McQuillen.KoS, the coaches and all the minions of the Sufferfest for the positive change you made. After blowing myself up season after season I wanted something sustainable. I was really fed up with all the injuries I developed and the crashes I was in. The Sufferfest was the answer for getting faster and fitter without the downsides I experienced.

Yoga really helped me releasing tension and pain from tight muscles. And strength training helped me from the pack pain after making a “wrong” move. I began in december 2018 with the Sufferfest trainingplans and after more than a year I could do ‘the wheel’. It seemed impossible in the past but I really did it!!! Thank you for that…

Sorry for the long post, but the question is how much wheel do you recommend during a 12 week plan? Because I want to further develop the pose to perfection I was thinking of every 3 weeks during the recovery week…


Absolutely, the Recovery videos are a great place to start—because the pace is slow and you can take the time to be gentle and mindful in the poses—but that’s not to say that all the poses will be beneficial. That actually goes for everyone! There is also a risk of over-stretching after an injury so be careful to also include strengthening sequences—ones that don’t go too fast.

The key is to be consistent, getting as much movement to your knee as feels comfortable every day but never doing too much and causing pain. Keep in touch and let me know how you find the first few videos.