Painful Wrists

So we are all getting older, I’ll very soon reach 50. Yay! So all the more reason to do Yoga. I have Yoga as part of my current plan (ToS Prep) and add in the occasional one too.
I’m getting more and more pain from my wrists and so much so that I can’t hold planks or downward facing dog for more than 20 seconds. It doesn’t merit seeking medical advice but can anyone advise things that have helped them please?

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It won’t help with DD but I’ve found that making sure my hands are directly under my shoulders for poses like plank, side plank, etc. eliminates any wrist pain I have. I often catch myself with them a little further out and I can feel the lateral stress almost immediately.

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Thanks ggeiselman but for me that doesn’t help - just as painful.

I’ve been thinking about this and wonder if it is simply because I have increased my training volume and so have been spending more time on the bike with my hands on the bars. I wonder if I should get some wrist supports for use on the 'trainer.

In fact my general flexibility has declined in the last few weeks - even getting socks on is more tricky.

When I started yoga my wrists were always sore. Still happens from time to time. As you practice more you’ll build strength in the wrists. You could also try wrist strengthening exercises with some very light dumbbells.

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Also remember to avoid putting too much weight on your hands when they’re on the bars… while they should carry some of the weight, make sure you’re using your core to hold your riding position and not absorbing everything in your hand/wrist.

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You’re probably both right on this. More weight-bearing on the wrists will help build more strength and in the meantime try to avoid too much weight bearing through the wrists on to the bars.

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You could maybe work round your wrists by using a clenched fist/knuckles to support instead of flexing wrist but it does sound like you have “over-done” things in which case - rest and maybe use some careful icing to reduce the pain/inflammation. Don’t let it get chronic or it might hamper cycling!! :slight_smile:

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I do sometimes do the planks and DDs on clenched fists and this does indeed help.

You’re right, don’t overdo it, like 7 consecutive hard days, starting 14 Feb…

Does your job involve a computer? Mine does and my wrist are stiff and tight. I could barely do pushups because I could barely bend my wrists that far and it was quite painful. It took me about 3 months to overcome this. As I kept doing them my wrists adapted and loosened up. Just remember to take rest days from Yoga, as well. Unless it’s coming from an injury, your wrists will eventually adapt.

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It could be due to nothing more than you how you are stretching and putting weight on them. I also got pain in mine simply by switching from normal bars to drop bars and it was nothing more than using different muscles and tendons. As someone said, if your job is at a desk then watch out for RSI, give yourself a few days to recover and add some very light weights and stretches for your wrists.

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Yes, I do spend most of my working days (that’s eight each week) using a keyboard and mouse so that could well be part of it.
I’ll do a search for wrist stretches and exercises.
Thanks guys.

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Cheap aerobar clipons. Power drops a bit and I don’t find low cadence drills as easy but you can even nap on them if you remember a pillow and the interval is long enough.


I’d strongly suggest if your wrists are sore, to back-off immediately. I’ve a wrist injury (tendon thickening) from carrying my year-old daughter badly, so spent some time with hand specialists on this.

From very little yoga, i jumped into pretty much daily sessions as it was part of my plan, and eventually it got worse.

As others suggested, i still do the yoga poses as they’re good for other parts of my body - downward dog on your forearms, and plank also on forearms - you can try the clenched wrist, but you’re still tensing and straining the wrist area. It’s sore because it’s weak, and can take weeks to heal - so don’t aggravate it.

As for other things that can help, I wear a splint overnight (you might roll around and put your wrist in awkward angles without knowing). For something cheap, just use skating wrist guards. Given your age, you don’t want your wrists to be ‘kind of sore’ for too long. Ease into it. Recover. Yoga will always be there - but you’ve only got two wrists!

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Unfortunately for me I can’t get into aerobar position anymore as I had surgery to my shoulder a few years ago. Otherwise a good option for altering position.

That’s really helpful. Thanks Imminent.
So I am not the first, nor the last, with this issue and too much yoga can be bad for strained parts, even if good for other parts of the body. I will definitely try forearms for planks and downward facing dog poses, as you are right, clenched fists only helps a bit.

Are your wrist(s) now recovered?

And I will order some splints and/or wrist guards. I don’t mind wearing on the bike and overnight, so long as that means I can avoid during the daytime as it would make hand washing for my clinical role impossible.

If you have old ones to hand try single arm drills with the good arm. They are popular anyway. I’m currently up to 15 minutes each arm on the aero bars. I started with only 1 minute. Never been higher than ‘sweet spot’ though (as the point has always been weighting the saddle primarily and not rocking).

I’m thinking if you got sore wrists you could take a break and just use the good arm on the Aerobars and do something that is used in training anyway. It could certainly be an option for the easy bit between intervals after the initial recovery.

I’ve just ridden The Frozen Road (very involving) and realised that it isn’t the yoga that is making my wrists sore but the increased volume of riding, even though I notice it most when I’m holding yoga poses. Ironically the gentler rides put more pressure through the arms. Besides during tough workouts I’d challenge anyone to notice trivial aches and pains.

I’m going to try aerobars after all. Thanks for the brill suggestion Eerke. I can certainly rest my right arm on the bars and take a little weight on the left. Will see how it works out.

Well I did my first workout since fitting the bars. I did Told Off By Angels.
It was a success as I was able to use the aerobars for much of the easy sections, and surprised myself how well I could get down. Having not used aerobars for years my pedalling was very rocky but this didn’t matter too much and I am sure will improve with time.
I’ve also ordered some wrist straps and they should arrive tomorrow. I’m feeling optimistic for better comfort by 14 Feb.

Thank you one and all.