Zone 2 duration for equal weekly volume, what's best?

Hypothetical (or not?) scenario: you can spend 4h/week riding zone 2. What will give the best results? 4 times a week a 1h ride, 2 times a week a 2h ride or 1 time a week a 4h ride.


by no means an expert here, but if I recall (and understood correctly) what I’ve read across several places, is that the most important of everything is consistency, and then is better to ride/exercise/be active more frequently than making single bigger longer efforts.
example here a welovecycling article or this blog post i found interesting.
Hope it helps!

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Those 2 articles don’t really explain it very well. The second one is clearly aimed at beginners, and the first one simply claims that low intensity riding is useless for most cyclists.

Here’s a great thread that goes into loads of areas around zone 2, but one specific point that answers your question from @Coach.Andy.T is that 1x 4hr per week is better than 4x 1hr per week


Thank you for mention, I would add with this that it depends on training availability as well, but ideally longer rides if that is able to fit into your schedule work and family wise. Also gives a great opportunity to ride somewhere new and explore areas!

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