$10 Fines during the tour to people who share the % of intensity

K, so hear me out, we all know about sharing graphs in the SUF Facebook group and the forums during The Tour. That we are all (more or less) riding the same videos, we all know the ride profiles etc etc so no-one really wants to see your graphs. The graph police have been pretty good at spotting then and those that have breached the rule (accidentally or on purpose) have, afaik, been good at getting their donations in to DPF.

Here is the official rule from The Company website:

Can I post graphs of the data from my rides in the SYSTM Forum?

We far prefer that you post pictures of you doing the workout. We’re all doing the stages, we all know the route profiles and we all know how the data looks. We’re already proud of you for doing the stage and we really don’t want to see your data. But if you really insist on boring everyone to tears, then go ahead and post your graphs BUT YOU MUST:

  1. Make your post funny
  2. Donate an additional $10 to the Davis Phinney Foundation

Well, I gotta say I feel the same way about folks posting their percentages. 100%, Nuclear, 90% for the first half, 85% for the second etc etc. As far as I am concerned, you do whatever you wanna do to get it done. Some people are training for other events, some people are coming off injuries, some people are working on building back their fitness, some people haven’t tested for awhile so their numbers just might not hit right for them. There are countless reasons for making adjustments. The important thing is that you get it done! That you do it for yourself or for whatever it is that is motivating you.

Show us your suffer faces, show us your minions jeering you on, show us your bicycle torture chambers or your post ride drink/meal/ or pool of holy water. But for GvA’s sake don’t tell us your numbers. At least not during the tour. If you did, well go ahead and contribute here at the unofficial Percentage Intensity Posting Infraction Page or PIPIP

Here is my most recent suffer face. Pretty huh?


Fair! Another donation for DPF!


Oh man, Sir Paul @pkdaylu!! Between you and @Heretic, you might just make the unlikely, likely. Merci beaucoup! Again!!


Oh damn!
Guilt your honour!
Donation made :laughing:


Good call, will pay the toll…

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Now maybe THIS is why @DPhin is still called the Cash Register!!


As per FB post. Totally agree. The key is

Have you suffered today?

If the answer is yes or obvs “more than you’

Then all is well in sufferlandria.

The whole “I did both routes at 110% and managed a marathon in between” yada yada yada. Should be suitably punished by the extra donations to the DPF.

Do. Or do not. TINT.



Fwiw, I do enjoy the “in addition to Stage X I also did this that and the other thing” posts tbh. It just reminds me how nutty we all are. The percentages thing though can get as tedious as graphs.

Edit: eg like Sir Fran who did a virtual Everesting between stages 6 and 7. And there were in prior years folks who turned their final stage into a Knighthood quests. I LOVE these stories!


Agreed. It’s probably all in the delivery. Yes anyone who turns the event or stage into a knighthood. Boom!! Epic suffering and well worthy.

Congrats on another tour in the bag!

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back at you, Sir!

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In the spirit of celebrating the amazing achievements of the over 900 individuals who did the tour this year would it be possible instead for Wahoo to share some overall star’s? For example total hours of riding, # of amazing people who did each route option or any other total numbers that help us all celebrate the amazing efforts of this group.