Show me your serious Graphs (But Beware!)

In anticipation of the greatest grand tour of a mythical nation I want to play a game with all of you:

Show me your serious graphs.

This is the place to compare stats, dish out the most boring of spreadsheets and every nightmarish statistic you can conjure up. Get it out of your system. Let’s start now.

But beware:

As a general rule during the tour every boring graph will cost you a $10 donation towards the Davis Phinney Foundation.

Show me the ToS rule about graphs

Can I post graphs of the data from my rides in the SUForum?

We far prefer that you post pictures of you Suffering. We’re all doing the stages, we all know the route profiles and we all know how the data looks. We’re already proud of you for doing the stage and we really don’t want to see your data. But if you really insist on boring everyone to tears, then go ahead and post your graphs BUT YOU MUST:

  1. Make your post funny
  2. Donate an additional $10 to the Davis Phinney Foundation


It’s all for a good cause - and you can benefit a bit, too.

Here is how it works:

Post any kind of serious graph you like BUT you have to donate your fine to the NEXT person in this thread who also post a graph.

I’ll start - with my excitement level during the last couple of days:

Aaargh… Fine! :wink:

Post the next serious graph together with your donation link and I will pay what I owe.

Who wants my ten bucks? Post your serious graph! But beware…

Edit: I‘m early, I know. Just know this thread is waiting for you when the time comes. I‘ll push it up again.


I’m cooking up something super graffy but y’all going to have to wait for that. And while I’ll always happily take $10 this post is not a qualifying post. Not yet anyways…

Now is the right time to bump this topic! It was slumbering long enough. :wink:

Sooo, any takers for my $10?

But what if we post something funny?! Then the rules say we don’t pay a fine. Thus this thread is for serious and not funny graphs?? :grin::grin::grin:

I threw 8x the word “serious“ into the title and first post to fix the problem. :wink:

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