10 year quest - Sun 8th Jan 2023 (complete 🗡️)

Was planning my knighthood attempt earlier this year, but some health issues got in the way, hopefully seen the back of that now. Next Feb marks 10 years since my first Sufferfest video, so would be apt to do it then (and yes it’d be about bloody time!) I was thinking it would be nice to do one video from each year, but don’t think any were released in 2021 for obvious reasons(?) Do these dates look right? And in 2013 the only releases were Blender, ISLAGIATT and Violator??? :sob::rofl:

Fun start, and aptly named title to finish. Thoughts? :point_down:


Love your idea, looks awful. Good luck!


Your dates through Butter are pretty much correct - I don’t have official release dates for anything after the site went to full streaming in 2017, but the order is correct. I know The Model and Rue The Day since they were released this year, but where’d you get the dates for the others, if I may ask?

For the archives…you guys are going to make me catalog all of them, aren’t you? :joy:

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Thanks :slight_smile: I searched Twitter. Most were announced on the @thesufferfest (now @wahooSYSTM) account. Found a couple of more recent new vid announcements in the forum here.


And yeah…those were the 2013 releases. They also released The Rubber Glove - the first FTP test in 2013, but that went away with the advent of HM and FF.

Soooo glad I’m missing Blender for my KoS next month!


Ah yeah I remember doing Rubber Glove many years ago. This is what I found, a few of them I’m not 100% on the date, but should be there or thereabouts. 6 at the bottom I couldn’t figure out, but only the Chores is valid for KoS anyway.

The Downward Spiral 15 November 2009
Fight Club 20 December 2009
Revolver 09 March 2010
Angels 28 August 2010
The Hunted 15 November 2010
Local Hero 15 January 2011
A Very Dark Place 01 October 2011
Hell Hath No Fury 09 November 2011
Extra Shot 21 November 2011
Long Scream 22 January 2012
There Is No Try 23 October 2012
The Wretched 08 December 2012
Blender 02 March 2013
It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time 14 September 2013
Violator 15 September 2013
Half Is Easy 11 July 2014
Elements Of Style 08 September 2014
The Rookie 17 October 2014
Nine Hammers 18 December 2014
Do As Your Told 30 October 2015
The Best Thing In The World 30 October 2015
Power Station 31 January 2016
The Way Out 31 January 2016
The Best Way Is Blended 25 May 2016
Igniter 11 October 2016
The Omnium 11 October 2016
Thin Air 11 October 2016
It Seemed Like Thin Air 04 January 2017
The Shovel 01 March 2017
Getting Away With It 21 April 2017
Kitchen Sink 06 October 2017
Who Dares 26 November 2017
Butter 17 December 2017
Standing Starts 17 December 2017
GOAT 03 July 2018
Defender 05 September 2018
The Tool Shed 10 October 2018
The Trick 19 November 2018
14 Vise Grips 30 January 2019
Team Scream 03 February 2019
Cash Register 04 June 2019
Joyride 20 August 2019
The Cure 20 August 2019
The Bat 17 February 2020
SUF Idol 29 March 2020
Attacker 26 October 2020
Cobbler 26 October 2020
Recharger 10 November 2020
Tapers 30 September 2021
The Model 24 February 2022
Rue The Day 07 June 2022
Cadence Builds
Revolver Is Easy
The Chores
To Get To The Other Side
Told Off By Angels

EXC! Always room for more historians in GvA’s library.

video release
Cadence Builds 3/1/17
Primers 3/1/17
Revolver Is Easy 12/3/16
The Chores 9/14/18
To Get To The Other Side 11/22/15
Told Off By Angels 12/3/16

The Chores release date is a “best guess” from Internet Archive, www.thesufferfest.com, cached records, and old social media posts. More likely 9/5, since I think it was released w Defender.


Nice work thanks!

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No worries! And best of luck on your KoS.

Though @#$%…that puts my master list up to 61, but there are 63 currently available in the library…sigh. Back to work.


Thanks, you too!

Ah, forget the Open: series are all Sufferfest too, and dropped The Toolshed for some reason.

Now we’re all caught up. :roll_eyes:


Can you post an up-to-dte list?


Training begun today with a Full Frontal to see where things are at :face_vomiting:. I now feel very unusual. Surprised there are only marginal changes from my last test earlier in the year. Was expecting more of a drop off tbh, but actually see a slight increase in FTP & MAP. I suppose worth doing anyway as I’m using a different trainer now (CORE) so have a baseline with that.



Planning a few back to backs tomorrow, test nutrition, admin etc.



1/5 Blender :tornado: done. Quite hardcore even at 80%
Nine Hammers up next. :hammer:


2/5 Nine Hammers @80% done.

Onto The Best Thing In The World


3/5 The Best Thing etc etc done at 80%

Feeling ok, legs starting to burn a bit. Breaks gone smoothly so far with 5, 8 & 8 mins on the clock. Nutrition & hydration seem good.

Power Station next :factory:


4/5 - Power Station done at 80%. I was crying with laughter at points during that. I mean I know it has its comedy moments but still, starting to lose it… :rofl:

Butter next


5/5 Butter done at 80%. I’m not laughing anymore, that was a killer. :tired_face:

~140km, 5h12, or 5h40 including breaks.

A few good lessons learned with that, need more fuel, quantity and variation. Made a mistake not stretching in the break before the last one.

Not too far off giving it a go though I reckon. Date tbc but soon.