12 Week Customized Plan Log

Hey all,

I just started cycling in July of this year, not sure why but I tried it out and absolutely love it. I am 29, and have lifted weights for years (gym rat, cardio was mostly low intensity stairs), but my endurance is lacking! I started off outside riding, then Zwift, but found SUF and I’ve been hooked since and quit Zwift.

Anyhow, I recently purchased the basic customized 12 week plan due to my work schedule (first responder, 12hr shifts) and am excited to see how my plan is structured.

I was wondering if I could keep a journal of how the training is going on the forum here so others could see what it entails and what type of results I get.

Thanks all,
Page (and I’m a dude…even though my mail sometimes says Ms. Lol)

Welcome @Silidons ,
Keep on sharing… I would love to see your face after riding Violator (evil laugh !!!)

Oh I’ve done quite a few workouts already, think it’s been a bit over a month since my change to SUF from Zwift. So far the most suffering was ISLTA, that was agony. lol


Just to update:

Had my video interview with my coach Andrea on Thursday. She was very pleasant. I will be starting up the week of Dec 21st, I’m looking forward to seeing the type of plan she will create. I’m sure there will be plenty of suffering involved. Lol


I’m in doubt of getting also a customized plan, but my event is only next year in September.


Great news in the customised plan(s).
Sharing here is great … and you have a massive opportunity being well conditioned but not cycling focused up till now.

Look forward to that feeling of improvements as the months go by !
And while age isn’t everything, being able to kick off this now will be even better compared to another 10-20 years on - so good shout in getting in there and also straight to customised will make the first 3 months even better I expect.