SUF's Customised Training Plans

Hello Sufferlandrians.

Is anyone here, who is using the Sufferfest’s Costumized training plan? If so (and I’m pretty sure about it), I have 4 questions :

1.: Is it worth the price?
2.:Did you get exactly what you wanted?
3.: Its good enough to subscribe for an another one or more?
4.: Could you please write a short review of your experience?

Thanks :wink:

I used it for my hour record attempt. I had a 12 week plan. The coach created a plan that was unique to me incorporating indoor SUF videos as well as outdoor workouts as well. I am very happy with the plan and the whole experience. Well worth the small $$


Hey David,
Here is an overview of what to expect on the customised plans I posted a few months ago:

I’m guessing you’ve read through already but please read through our services on the webpage and if you have any questions please feel free to email me at

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Awesome to hear that. :slight_smile:
Thanks Scott for the answer :wink:

Hey Rupert,

Thanks for responding me.
I’ve already read trough the article what you sent to me, on the Web page as well. I found them very useful. Although I needed some experience from the costumers as well, because they are on the other side of the Suffering XD

I’ll send a mail in the days for sure :wink:

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You’re welcome!

I think I was the longest running person doing these plans. I did a couple with Sir Mac before they officially launched and then four or five on the bounce with Sir Jeff. So yes I’m a fan and for the cost would definitely recommend. The only reason I’m no longer doing them is I wanted to move on up to the next level, which Suf didn’t offer. I’m now coached by a former British national TT champ.



No, Hayley Simmonds

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Thanks for the reply Matt. Glad to hear that, because now I’m much more confident to start it.
Have fun in your training, wish you a lot of medals :wink:

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Random question do you wish you did a customised plan from the begining. I kind of think you do one when you start to plateau.

Hard to say as I don’t think the sort of Suf training plans that exist now were really around back then. Sufferfest was only available as video downloads and four were on Strava premium in those days!

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