2 blocks at once?

I’m in my first 12 week plan, intermediate all purpose road. I like doing 6-12 hours a week, and my personal circumstances means my family life is going to be bi-coastal for a while. This means I’ll have 3 weeks away from home (with indoor bike), and then back home with the family for a week (with an indoor bike). Whilst away, I’ll have nothing to do except work and train. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll miss the family, but it’s been 15 years since I last had a chance to train :slight_smile:

Looking at the block sessions, they only seem to be 4 hours a week. Does it make sense to do two blocks at once? i.e. FTP & MAP, to get the volume up to 8 hours or so? I like doing what I’m told, and the 12 week plan forces me to have enough rest/recovery rides. Is two blocks going to mean the adaptation process is not going to work as effectively?

Or am I better off just doing the advanced all purpose road to get the volume and stick with a single plan?


I would have thought it best to go with a single advanced plan. I don’t think the blocks are meant to be done in parallel. Are you adding in strength training and yoga? Those will also add a little volume and get you even fitter.

Hey Martin,
Stick with a single plan.

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Thank you.

I can see a custom plan in my future but will stick with all purpose for now.:grinning:

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