Consecutive FTP blocks

I want to work on a 3 month FTP building block. What’s the best way to go about rotating sessions for months two and three so they are not the same sessions month after month? Thx

Before I can give a good answer to your question it would be helpful to know what you are training for / why you are looking to complete a 3 month block of FTP focused training.

From a training physiology point of view I wouldn’t recommend repeating a single focused training block plan (Base followed by Base, FTP followed by FTP, A/NM followed by AC/NM etc).

That being said if your goal is to increase your ability to ride all out for 30-75 minutes, and you have 3 months to train, I would recommend one of our Time Trial plans.


Thanks! Makes sense. I’ll try the Time Trial for the next 3 months. Are there any other similar plans avail? It sounds like there may be. Thanks again.

Btw, 4 hr bike ride time commitment is tough. Any good ideas how to sub it out for something more intense for less time? I’ll even run if I have to lol thanks again