ToS22 - timezone question

I’ve got some travel and all-day events coming up during ToS. It’s my first ToS and I really want to do all the sessions however I have to juggle a bit to make it work with the travel.

I know there’s a ‘50 hour window’, however is the time used for your calculation based on the start time of the ride or end time of the ride (when it’s actually saved and synced)? I know it’s not ideal however it would really help me getting that badge if it’s the latter as I can finish Stage 1 just after midnight in UTC+14:00 timezone. :slight_smile:

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I can never remember myself. I’ve moved your topic to the ToS category. Hopefully someone in the know will weigh in on the question.

Edit: my guess though is as long as you started your ride during the open window then it will “count” even if you finish it after it closes. I don’t believe you can start before it officially opens then finish and save after it has opened.

This question gets asked a lot, see this: Official Tour of Sufferlandria 2022 Route Discussion Thread - #293 by Glen.Coutts

Edit 2: now my guess is you have to complete it within the open window so maybe you can start it before it opens. WTH do I know. My advice, wait for an official answer or ask a minion. :man_shrugging:


Thanks, I couldn’t find an answer when searching for it. If there’s no official answer I’ll just try and share the outcome :slight_smile: .


You have to at least start after the window opens and before it closes. I don’t remember if you have to finish before the window (day) ends though…

As long as you start when the window is open, the ride should “count”.

With respect, I’d want to hear that from an “official” source.

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… and keep in mind, although related I’m asking the opposite: does it count if I start Stage 1 just before the window opens and finish the ride 2:10hrs later when the window is open?

Either way I’ll try it as I don’t really have another option with my upcoming travel.

No, I don’t believe that will work, sadly

From past experience, this didn’t work for badge purposes. I know that from experience of getting my stuff set up and making sure connections were all good in the past (by pressing play and pause to double check everything) but before the 10:00 UK start time. That unfortunately meant the stat time was officially before 10:00 and that was that. Of course that mechanism may now be different.

historically a dashboard was used which was crystal clear about when a stage opened and shut and also told you if you’d completed the stage correctly (thereby letting you know on the day if you’d messed something up, rather than doing a weeks work and finding out at the end.

It would be awesome if such a dashboard was something we could include in the platform for all badge events - even if it is for the ‘fun’ side of things.


As taken from the FAQ’s on the Tour Page and not reading between the lines but what is actually stated, it would appear that you have a 50 hour window to have started and completed said workout.

The emphasis being the word ‘within’ and no reference to the starting and closing of a stage but reference to the full life cycle of the stage.

Practically that means, with more emphasis on the last stage and taking into account likely breaks for nutrition/toilet, starting the stage the activity minutes before the cut-off of 50 hours.

An hour ride should not be started with less than 60 minutes left before the stage closes.

The help article How to prepare for the Tour also has the already posted image with the Stage open and close times:


Also see Sir @Dan s post here: Official Tour of Sufferlandria 2022 Route Discussion Thread - #306 by Dan

And anyone who is interested in a countdown to Stage 1 - can find it here ….

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Thank you, I was looking for this chart. :slight_smile: Happy Suffering!

Great chart, hadn’t seen that earlier. FYI: I started before the stage opened and finished a few minutes after it was officially open and it didn’t register, which is fair enough.


You can simply go to the Progress tab in SYSTM then tap the Awards tab and you will see for each stage what the 50hrs window actually means in terms of opening/closing.


Well, there’s our definitive answer then.