2 rides 1 day

Hi people
On saturday i have 2 rides.
First ride is pro ride uae1 and Second ride is endurance 1.30 h.
What ride is better first?
Can i ride endurance 1.30 first in the morning without breakfast and the Pro ride in the afternoon?
Or both rides without a pause?

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Hi there!

If there are no coaches notes (clip board icon) indicating which is done first, do them in order.

While back to back is intended, life doesn’t always allow. So if needed, split them out.

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I would do the ProRide first as it will be more intensive. I believe the idea with this pairing of workouts is to have a burst of intensive intervals followed by a “calmer” volume ride after.

As mentioned, ideally done back-to-back but if you must split them, I’d do ProRide first and Endurance after.


Coach Neal made some relevant comments on double days in this thread


Hmmm. Now I need a description of what “quality” means in this context …

Quality in the second session refers to the ability to hold a higher power output for the strain/stress (heart rate and perceived effort).


Wonders how this translates for the slaves-to-power ergoists while opening a chilled can of worms and retiring to the couch :wink:

Able to finish without the Argh death spiral or hitting the down arrow.


Thx for Tipps and help.

@Coach.Neal.H What about rescheduling sessions on different days during the same week?

I have more time on Tuesdays than Wednesdays. This week, my training plan is Monday - off. Tuesday - Cadence Builds. Wednesday - Tour of Norway 2, Thursday - The Bat, Friday - Sprints, Saturday - Endurance and Sunday - Tempo.

Is it OK to move Cadence Builds from Tuesday to Wednesday and Tour of Norway 2 from Wednesday to Tuesday?

Or is there a progression during each week such that it is important to do Cadence Builds before Tour of Norway 2?

HI @hasskicker, yes you can do some rescheduling to match your available time. There is a reason for the progression and order of workouts that you see on your schedule. Especially if you have strength training added to your plan. We try to pair up strength with workouts that will challenge your NM capabilities. But with that said swapping those workouts should be fine. If you have strength I’d do it after ToN 2. I hope that helps. Cheers!

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Excellent. Thank you. @Coach.Jeff.H

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@Coach.Jeff.H Would it not be better to do the zone 2 ride first to get the most benefit from it in terms of zone 2 training? As an older cyclist with greater recovery time needed, will I not confound the benefits of the zone 2 ride by doing the Threshold ride first? Thanks!