20->10 min into Full Frontal then GI distress

I experienced the same fail 10 min into my FTP test twice in a row. It happened on the previous 12-week All Purpose Training Plan as well.

I was holding constant target power for the first 10 mins. Then I had bouts of GI distress. Stomach was bloated and no matter how much carbs drink I tried to take did not help. Legs grew weak from 11 → 3 mins (Power drop by 30W and HR dropped to Zone 3) before I could pull the power back up again to finish the last 3 mins of FTP.

Vomitted bits of wholemeal bread (breakfast taken 3 hr before FF) just before AC segment. Managed to finish up the Full Frontal in the midst of chaos.

Had anyone have the same experience? How should we fuel during the 20 mins FTP?

The workout is an hour. I fuel 1.5-2 hours prior but definitely not during. Not sure if that’s helpful, but I never fuel anything that’s an hour long. We generally should have glycogen stores for that.

If you’re riding it first thing in the morning and it’s too early to eat that long prior, my other strategy is a big, late dinner for something like FF, and I chug half a protein shake prior so am not riding it fasted.

Also if it helps, I generally feel :nauseated_face: after the 5 minute MAP effort no matter when or what I eat.


@simplz Same for me - the most I have is a bottle with electrolytes - generally I use Skratch. The test can definitely cause some anxiety - be sure to use the breathing techniques from Tapers to the extent you can along with some yoga breathing prior.


I think it’s called a ‘runner’s gut’ or something - can be super inconvenient indeed.

I have a gut feel (see what I did there? :person_facepalming: ) that @coach.suzie.s has some insight on this. She’s shared some great info on nutrition on the forum before.


You said you are drinking carbs, what and how much?

My stomach would be fine 3hrs after eating, 2hrs is cutting it fine any less and I’m tasting my last meal. We all react differently to threshold efforts though, there was a guy in my high school rowing crew who used to puke at the end of every hard session or race.

I used to drink plain water on the bike but switched to sugar water ( yes plain table sugar/sucrose ) after reading up on the benefits of fueling during workouts rather than trying to catch up on the calorie deficit by eating more before and after. For any workout that is Z3 or above I now plan on 80g/hr which seems to have greatly reduced the feeling of heavy legs during and after. If anything it seems easier on my stomach than plain water.

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I would suspect the 6 slices wholemeal bread with butter which was taken 4 hours prior to the FF, causing the GI distress. Yes, I was fueling with carbs drink (simple sugars) during FF.

I would switch to simple carbs for breakfast in the next FF - low fibre and fats.

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@simplz Another thought is try to be consistent with other high intensity workouts to prep your gut to the extent you can. Basically treat Full Frontal like a 45 min race where your prep workouts use the same fueling and make adjustments where you find issues.


Fuel like you would for Nine Hammers or A Very Dark Place. You basically are doing the same efforts. The six slices of bread may be WAY too much for this effort as well and your stomach hasn’t emptied by the time you start. Butter is way to heavy as well. Try porridge with some fruits in it instead. I try to eat a granola type meal with a plant based drink to moisten it before any hard efforts. Save the bread for either the night before OR for a meal three hours after.


I did 2 x 12-week All Purpose Training Plans (I completed at least 8 of them to date).

I am going to switch 12 week All Purpose to Specific Training Block (Threshold) and take FF after every 4 week Training Block (Threshold).

Let’s see how far this training block can up my FTP. Currently, my FTP is sitting at the floor of my MAP and MAP cannot exceed the ceiling of FTP. In other words, sustained efforts is my weakness and focus now.

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