Throwing up full frontal

Hi. New to indoor training and I threw up after completing the full frontal test. Is this a normal occurrence or should I be worried.


Good effort! Must have tried your best there then. I’ve heard of elite racers occasionally throwing up after giving it everything.

Sounds like you did it right!, gave your all!..i too had this after my first 4DP…

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Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. If you experience any pain or difficulty with these exercises, stop and consult your healthcare provider.

That being said, sounds like you made a great effort and really gave it everything. I always have a spit bucket next to me for the FF Test - and had to use it twice.

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Sounds normal for a FF. I felt like throwing up after my first try. Didn’t actually do so though. For the 2nd try, I had the bucket ready, but didn’t need it after all.
Learn from your first FF experience, and don’t go slower next time because of it. You’ll learn to pace it better.
In the end, you’ll come to love the FF experience. For real. Don’t believe they who claim otherwise.

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It hasn’t happened to me, but I can see how it could happen after that last one minute effort.

And congratulations, you’ve got yourself another metric: FPT - Functional Puke Threshold. :face_vomiting: :grinning:


This could be a badge. Please, can we make this happen Minions?


Athlete of the day, here, folks! :smile::tada::+1::nauseated_face::medal_sports:


Wowzer! Great effort. Hope you did not carb up prior with a plate of pasta and red sauce…lol

I can’t say I felt like chucking afterwards or during but I did feel like my chest could explode at times from my effort. Heck, I am an old guy doing this. Bet your a young buck putting out a 300 watt FTP!

Seriously, I think that is almost the intended effect.

Well done on getting Full Frontal done, it does sound like you gave it your absolute all!

From now on when you do the workouts the 4DP targets will be tailored to you so you shouldn’t be throwing up any more. If this does happen again, I would consider lowering your targets by 10%, we want you working hard but not to the point it is detrimental and damaging to your health!

Also, when you do Full Frontal again (hopefully you are not put off) you will know what is coming and adjust your pacing to avoid a repeat throwing up.


Yep, you did it right. Been there before. I would recommend finishing your last meal 3 hours before any hard workout, and maybe have something light maybe an hour before. That can help.

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