2023 Tour - help/plead!

This is a bit of a request/plead/beg to those who manage the Tour.
There are others like me I’m sure who couldn’t do a stage everyday due to other commitments but made use of the 50 hour window to do 2 stages on one day.
However, my brain was obviously no better than that of a goat on the day and I did stage 4 and 5 the wrong way around so it shows I missed doing stage 5 although my Systm history has all the stages recorded. :scream:
This is therefore a personal request to see if I could still get the badge? :thinking:
If not, that’s ok - in my mind I still did it :grinning:


Yep. Even without the badge, in the spirit of The Tour, you still did it. Congrats for getting it done.


One vote here for you to get your badge! You did the work and deserve the reward.

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Just to update - the minions were super efficient and got my badge all sorted :grinning: