22 week plan

To help with my emergence from a fitness hibernation (read: having kids), I’ve entered a fairly flat 100km sportive.
Am comfortable with the distance having ridden plenty of sportives in the past and my FTP is only 15%~20% below its peak.

It’s in 22 weeks time - so my question is what plan do I follow? Do I simply do 2x12 week plans or something a bit more creative with building blocks? Will need to be low volume.

Hi Ricardo,
You can book a call with coach to go through in more detail what you’re looking to get out of a plan and we can point you in the right direction with it using a mix of the 12 week plans and also the building blocks

If I were you, I’d plan the century plan for the last 12 weeks, and fill the first ten with some of the other stuff, along the lines of: a 4-week plan for a new routine and then do the three ‘a week with’ series, but rather than doing them in one week, spread them out over two weeks, to give you that flexibility and low volume. Then do a half monty and start the 12 week plan leading up to the actual event.

Cheers @TrapMeSuf. Given my weakness is MAP, i might start with a 4-week building block. I find the ‘week with videos’ really entertaining so the idea of doing a full series in order is appealing.