2nd month for brand new rider, how much to increase the total hours?

Hi all,

Brand new rider here ( kickr core, Domane ALR 5 ) … completing the first month of training in August, I do all my training on wahoo systm … after my full frontal test in late July, my weekly schedules is 3 Z2 rides ( endurance 1 ) each one hour and 2 MAP ( Vo2 max sessions, currently doing MAP progression 1 ) where each MAP Session is like 30 mins… so my total is 4 hours a week… and will do recovery week on the 4th week… I am planning to move to MAP progression 2 for weekly MAP sessions which will give me 10 mins more each week and will bump one of my Z2 rides from 1 hours to 1.5 hours … so my question is, is it ok to increase your weekly hours from 4 hours to 4.4 hours ? is it too little or can I add another Z2 session ? for context I do not have goal racing at all at the moment , I am 49M, overweight and have CVD ( my doc ok’ed cycling )and never exercised other than 3-4 miles a day walking since pandemic…


I am neither a coach, sport scientist, or medical professional but a 10% increase in volume sounds pretty doable to me.

Is there any reason why you don’t just start up a gen fitness low volume plan and adjust as needed?


good idea, I might do that after a while or I might connect with a coach, I think there is an option to spend 40-50 mins with a coach but not sure if they put a custom program for you

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@aurtan I agree with @Glen.Coutts - the 10% increase should be fine. Maybe check out the Extra Shot workout in the Sufferfest channel which you can add after any workout when you feel like you have some more time or just pick a short Inspiration video.

Something like the all purpose road plan would probably be a good path. Given that you are just starting I wouldn’t worry about a MAP focused plan quite yet - the general plan is going to hit all aspects of 4DP. Also I would recommend switching to a 2:1 work to rest ratio as well. Keep in mind that recovery is where we make adaptations so getting it more frequently provides some additional benefits.

Also check out the mental training program which includes goal setting. It is important to establish your “why” and set some milestones.

Good luck and let us know how you are progressing or if you have any other questions.


Cool. I didn’t know about Extra Shot. I’ll be giving that a try too.

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@mjpeterson37 @aurtan Also don’t forget about the warm-up workouts too. That is another way to add some additional spinning and you will definitely be better prepared for your planned workout. There are different lengths (10, 20, 25 and 30) so experiment and find the one that works best for you. I generally go with the 10 minute NoVid Warm-Up and listen to a playlist or a podcast but Igniter is great if you need a video and music.