Best way to increase training volume/load?

Hey everyone!

I have recently finished a high volume MTB plan, and am currently looking to do another.

However, I would like to ramp up my training volume and load to around 14 hours a week, and the MTB plans seem to only be around 8-10 hours a week on average. What is the best way to go about doing this?


I’ll take a guess until a coach shares their wisdom.

I’d sprinkle extra zone 2 (inspiration) rides where they already exist, or extend outdoor rides by an hour or two. If you’re adding 4 hours a week, start with this lower intensity.

After a few weeks of feeling good, you can add more endurance, or more intensity (thinking On Location rather than Vo2 intervals).

Maintain the rest days, obviously.

Another consideration might be to also use your bonus time to throw in some strength and mobility or yoga.

I suspect that adding in 4x 20 min core sessions a week might do you better than an extra hour of endurance. (if you’re not already doing this)


Thank you for the great advice :+1: