40+ hour endurance ride 17,000 metres climbing: Gravel Grinder 200 or Hilly Gran Fondo plan?

First, Have you suffered today? So, fellow citizens and coaches, I am planning a double virtual Everesting for the end of Dec 2020. Without getting a customized plan, I don’t really think I need it for this particular goal, I am thinking the Gravel Grinder 200 mile plan is more suited than the Hilly Gran Fondo because of the much higher volume. I realize the plans will be truncated a bit because of my timing but I’m not concerned about that. For reference and context, I’ve done 3 virtual Everestings and an irl half already which have all been looooong Zone 2 rides. Your thoughts and suggestions are all welcomed!


I thought I was the crazy one.

I suggest you go see a doctor

Probably not in my case

Seriously, good luck with that and may the minions be soft on you for once. GvA will be proud, no matter what.


I went with the volcano climbing plan, plus added long rides of ‘cruising’ leading into my first vEveresting. For my 10k and Basecamp after that, I didn’t do specific training, but went in much better prepared just from generally upping volume.

I figure time in the saddle is the key, and then keeping some higher intensity up to raise your upper limit where you can (giving you more cruising room below it).

A double is a whole other world, and will be 95% mental assuming you’re carrying decent base fitness. Might want to practice power napping as well :laughing: you’re allowed 2 hours after the first 8,848 aren’t you?

What climb are you doing it on?


@James_T, I was scoping the Epic KOM reverse or Innsbruck KOM but the descents are nowhere near as efficient as AdZ which allows a full 10 min rest each time so that’s where I’ve landed. I’ve mapped out a schedule which includes 4x30 min naps after the 10, 12,14 and 16th reps.



Wow, that’s a massive challenge you’re taking on, we wish you the best of luck and happy suffering!

I think the 200 mile gravel plan is a good option because it incorporates quality interval sessions as well as volume. One other thought I had was that you might get some benefit from incorporating some elements of the Knights Plan? For example, doing G.O.A.T or Power Station after another video is great for physical strength training, as well as mental!


@Coach.Suzie.S I’d landed on the Gravel 200 for similar reasons but that’s a brilliant suggestion to add PS or GOAT in after some of the weekday sessions. This is PRECISELY the kind of advice I was looking for. So glad you weighed in!! I’m going all in with the GG 200 plan with yoga, strength and the MTP which has helped me 100% to achieve other massive goals though admittedly this is my most massive (read: dumbest) to date. Thanks SO much.


You’re welcome, best of luck and I hope to hear how it goes!


@glen.coutts … for similar reasons to you I’ve loaded up Gravel 200 as well. Took me a while as I had to creatively fix my last 4DP so that the correct weakenesses and strengths were used by the plan tool.

What date did you/are you starting?
I backdated mine to start 17/10 so that the longer days fall on Thur/Fri (just a peculiarity for me personally for a while)


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@Martin I’m looking to end the plan and start my stoopid challenge on Dec 20. I’ve truncated the GG 200 to fit that and I’m using my 4DP from the end of March this year for AC and NM and from Half Monty from June for FTP and MAP. If things get “easier” before the end date I might do another HM as I’m not at all concerned about NM or AC for this.

Also, you said something “similar”. What are you planning Sir?

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@Glen.Coutts similar in that I need ‘distance’ legs.
I do a 24hr event in the north of Scotland every January.

Last year I went all custom plan. This year trying something different.

It might not happen in January due to the pandemic but I’ll keep riding anyway as it’s fun and it’s a goal.


Excellent! I was in Scotland in May last year. Only went as far north as the Isle of Skye. No cycling as I was with a Couchlandrian :stuck_out_tongue: I’m sure you’ll CRUSH the 24 when the time comes. One thing I’ve found for myself is without a goal it’s a short path to the doughnut shop :joy: :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

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Hey @Coach.Suzie.S, I’m coming on the end of the GG 200 plan and this is the taper week (woot woot!!). Oddly though, GAWI is scheduled at regular intensity the day after Taper Efforts. This seems strange to me as usually, taper efforts have been followed by an easy spin. Is this an error? If not, that’s cool and I’ll just do as I’m told. Cheers!

Congrats on making it to Taper week, you’ve earned some rest for sure! In regards to GAWI, that’s not an error. The volume of the GG 200 plan is much higher as compared to most others, so if you were to taper down too much going into the event, you’d feel very flat. You actually need to maintain a bit more effort than you would for shorter, higher intensity events to “keep the engine ticking.” And by this point, with as much training as you’ve done on this plan, GAWI shouldn’t be a significant load to your system.
If, however, your body is telling you otherwise, then do listen your body and make a change if you feel it necessary. Otherwise, continue on and have a great double virtual Everesting event!


Thanks VERY VERY much for the quick response. I’ll let you know if I survive :stuck_out_tongue:


So @Coach.Suzie.S, just thought I’d check in with an update. Yesterday was to be the day (and today, and probably some of tomorrow). I had upped my plan from a Double, to a Triple vEveresting figuring I’d never get that close to a triple again so may as well go all in. This was to be 26 ascents of “that other place” Alpe du Zwift. On the 9th switchback, after 2 strong ascents, my front end came crashing down with me on it. Read: was using a Kickr Climb and the belt broke! The team car was nowhere to be found :stuck_out_tongue:

In planning for every event scenario, I was prepared to repair a snapped chain. I was even prepared to replace a broken crank. I was not prepared for my Kickr Climb to crap out on me and certainly not so early in the event. I removed my broken Climb, attached my front wheel and completed the 3rd ascent but my spirit was broken. Had it been the 23rd climb, or even the 20th, I might have considered continuing on but with 23 to go, virtual climbing just isn’t the same once you’ve been spoiled by the Climb.

Anyway, I’m not shattered, just disappointed and a bit annoyed. This hasn’t dampened my resolve to do an IRL Everesting in the spring/summer of 2021 and I suppose it is a fitting end to a strange strange year. Best of the season to you and thanks for your well wishes and advice.


Oh, NOOOO!!!
I’m so sorry that bad luck found you on your big day! I hate to think negatively, but I suppose that is the way of the year… That’s heartbreaking after putting so much time and energy into training and like you said, so early on the quest. I hope you still feel that you deserve a bit of time off to enjoy the holidays and best wishes for whatever is to come in 2021!


Wow! You, Sir Glen, are an absolutely inspiring Badass!

I’m sorry to read that you had such bad luck yesterday, but I’m sure you’ll crush the next objective.

Madness? THIS IS SUFFERLANDRIA! :person_fencing:


Thanks again @Coach.Suzie.S. I will enjoy my family and fully recognize how privileged I am to be able to choose to suffer. If I can get the equipment sorted in time, perhaps after the 2021 ToS, I will plan for a redemption ride. Where I live, winter goes on and on and on and on sometimes well into April.

Hey Sir @Renzo, thanks but you are too kind! For now, I’m just chilling with the fam, plotting my next adventure and eating all the treats I had set aside for 3 days of riding, lol!! I’d like to round out my elevation for the year at 88,488 metres. Even without the Climb that would be something for a flatlander.


Jings man - that’s … that is such a goal. Esp when it’s not like ‘x hours’ - this you need to be super amazing strong for (or be prepared to be cycling for like 6 days).
Super sad to hear the equipment failed on you … and now super lookng fwd to when you do do this - if you want company on one ascent, then let us know nearer the time and will follow you on Z and join you for as long as can keep up lol :slight_smile:

All the best for the next attempt.

kickr Climb - oooh - never ever thought of that as a thing for making that a ‘real’ feeling of climbing - super cool idea !! (if it works)

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