4DP and normal FTP workouts

I completed my 4DP test and I really like the way that it breaks down your strengths and weaknesses and I totally agree with this approach. With that, I’m curious why the videos and workouts don’t take 4DP into consideration and rather still focus on FTP.

For example, my strength was MAP (5 min) and my FTP was pretty low because my stamina is terrible due to not riding in a few years. When I select a training session based on FTP, it makes sense to focus on my FTP numbers but If I am looking to build MAP or AC, its using my FTP numbers which are pretty low and I get a terrible workout. Are there any plans to target MAP/AC/NM numbers for workouts that focus on those areas? If not, what’s the point of getting the 4DP information?

Hi @Michael_Chinea - the workouts DO take into account your 4DP results. Although the line on the charts shows your FTP line the workouts are automatically adjusted to your 4DP numbers for all categories.

You can also build a training plan that addresses your weaknesses (e.g. FTP builder, MAP, etc) so the world is your oyster. Enjoy the training

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Thanks for the reply!

The GCN Max Efforts Minimum Time video is showing 5 30 second sprints with AC being the main target, I just verified that its using my AC numbers for the 30 second sprints. Thanks for confirming!

As I understand it, the color on the power chart indicates which “dimension” the power target is based on: blue for FTP (which includes recovery sections), yellow for MAP, orange for AC, and magenta for NM. Since FTP is the longest duration, it makes sense that most of your time is spent on blue, even if you’re doing a MAP or AC focused workout.