4DP App-trainer lost connection

So today is my 40th birthday and what better way to Suffer (celebrate) than a 4DP.
It’s been 6 month since my last 4DP and lots has changed since, with a new born days after previous test.
I came with fears and motivation to nail it.
All started well with nice improvement on 5 sec (946) and stagnated 5 min (256).
FTP was real suffering and felt I’m giving it ALL. Leave nothing in the tank.
Imagine the feeling when trainer (Kickr) and App lost connection on the 19th minutes.
I was literally crying but kept on pushing in hope it’ll reconnect.
It reconnected prior to the 1 minute test and I was “down” by then. -27watts down to be exact.

My FTP has decreased -2watts to 209 watts but it only accounted 19 minutes of the test.

Need some advise on which value to override with.


And this is why you should never stream a test, folks.

Look at the average of your 19 minutes then look at the average decrease per minute of the last 8 minutes (11-19). Subtract that average decrease per minute from your 19th minute and add it as your 20th minute. Calc that average and see if it’s off your 19. Likely will be within a few watts.

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Thanks for the tip. I’ll do it.
FWIW, I’ve pre-downloaded the video.
It’s the App that lost connection to trainer.

Laptop or IPhone/iPad?

When I test, anything that can interfere with signals is off. I even go so far as to turn off electronic devices in the house not being used.

Was using an iPad and don’t remember such issues has happened before.

Wireless signals are fragile things. BLE is subject to WiFi interference and a whole host of other 2.4ghz signals. I’ve even shut off WiFi on the device I’m recording to.