4dp did not update after hm

Hey there, quick one for you,
I did the half Monty but it crashed out on me 10 minutes before the end. The next day I reloaded the app and it remembered that there was a work out and I saved the progress. I got a mail saying that my 4dp had been updated. As I understand the 4dp profile does not get updated but when I start a workout and go into the setting I should see the new updated 4dp. Wheni do this I still see the old score. I have tried turning off and on and logging out and back in but it did not work, if anyone has any ideas I would love to hear it.

Thanks in advance

Should I manually edit my 4dp for workouts to match what I was sent via email?

Manually edit. Seems like there is an error.

If you get an email it normally means it’s all been updated. But as it crashed who knows what may have happened

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I find there is a slight,delay in updating

I will check again today when session begins. If not I will manually update it.