Half Monty didn't update workout settings

I just finished the Half Monty and saw a couple significant increases to MAP and FTP which I’d like to apply to my 4dp in the workout settings. It says this should have happened automatically after the workout, but it hasn’t done it. Should I just go in and do it manually?


Sometimes just a log out and back in is all you need to do. Also, are you sure it wasnt changed? I ask because your 4DP results might not necessarily change in your passport but if you go to the actual workout settings, your LTHR, FTP and MAP numbers should reflect your Half Monty today.

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Hey @neverdnf ,
Welcome to the forum! I assume you closed the app then re-opened to see if your MAP and FTP were updated. If you haven’t, try logging out then back in. Let me know if that works. Just be aware it will not change your rider type or weakness.

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I didn’t log out, but I did close the app out. It only changed LTHR, not FTP or MAP. I ended up changing it manually. Maybe I should have given it more time.

Now that I edited those numbers in workout settings, the passport is now updated and updated FTP and MAP. I didn’t think it would do that since I didn’t redo Full Frontal.

I also did a Half Monty today. I see that it changed the values under workout settings, but not the profile. This is the behavior I expected, as it specifically stated it doesn’t change the passport values.

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Had this same issue today. Did Half Monty and my numbers haven’t changed in my profile or in my upcoming workouts. Logged out and back in and restarted multiple times. Any suggestions? I know my numbers increased (at least my MAP) above what my profile shows currently

I’d send the minions a message


I’ve found that it often doesn’t update straight away. Usually come back to it the following morning and it’s all done.

FWIW: I did a HM yesterday and my MAP, FTP, and cTHR were updated when I checked immediately after completing the HM without having shut down the app. They were updated in my Rider Profile and Workout Settings. The HM was part of the one week HM/FF test prep plan.