Adjusted 4DP in workout, summary keeps original numbers

Title says it all - I rode Who Dares today with 4DP settings increased 10%.
The ride was spot on, but on the workout summary page, the 4DP profile used shows the original numbers without the adjustment. Is that how it’s supposed to work?

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Are you using the SUF app or the SYSTM app. Afaik, SYSTM doesn’t show the 4DP Profile used on the workout summary page for that workout. In any case, that is how I would expect it to work if it was me. That remains your 4DP power profile.

I can’t imagine how they would report adjustments since these adjustments could be made many many times during a ride.

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Sounds like you need to visit the Pain Parlour for an adjustment. The Minions there are experts at making you Suffer to the maximum extent possible. If you are adjusting up that is.

I’m using the SYSTM app. 4DP profile is shown at the bottom of the summary page.

Sir Glen makes a good point about multiple adjustments during a ride.

Sir jmckenzie also has it right - I’ll redo FF as soon as I get my HRM back. I left it at my friend’s house…



Hey @jkorngold, maybe I’m missing something (I’m using Mac or iOS). Do you have a screen shot? I’m not sure what “summary page” you are looking at.

Click on the completed workout in the Calendar or history and the activity summary shows, at the very bottom and below the power/hr/cadnece/etc plots, the 4dp profile you ran on. On windows for me, maybe not ios?

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I think I’ve found a glitch in the matrix. Hold my beer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is it that you never looked past the main summary? The demonstration of glorious suffering is enough for such an esteemed knight?

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Lol, if only t’were that simples. Methinks GvA doesn’t want me to see it, the bastard!

Heh. Maybe he knows that you know.

And now you know that he knows that you know.


:rofl: Damn minions.