Half monty results not transferred over

Previously used ipad device and my training was based on a half monty session I had done ie ftp was different to my 4dp profile that I’d done earlier on Full Monty. Has that been carried over as I can only see my 4dp profile showing my original full monty results in the ios version I’ve downloaded.

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Hi @PaulS where are you seeing your results in the My Profile at the top of the Systm app if you want you can edit them to the new results ?

I kind of guessed I could do that but just surprised that they weren’t carried over from the old system. If I hadn’t looked on my profile, my workouts this week using the new app would have been based on my old ftp.

Im assuming the software on the new app is 7.2.2, it should have carried over, when did you do the new test just in case it was before the software updated from 7.2.1

@Shaned1972 @PaulS I had the same issue with HM results not updating. I think it is a known issue in the new app. You can update manually to fix but you may also want to put in a ticket with the minions so they can check it out.

@PaulS I see its happened to quite a few you could try this and see if that remedies it ? This seems to have happened to a few of us and Mine seems to be fixed now after uninstalling and reinstalling the app (I also manually updated the Athlete Profile but that didn’t apply to a workout until after reinstalling). Log it with the minions.