4DP Focus filter for library in SYSTM

It would be nice to be able to filter on 4DP training goals. 4DP is a great tool but when I want to focus on of the dimentions, I cannot do a search using a filter. I would like to be able to filter on NM/AC/MAP/FTP. Now I have to open the workout first to see what the 4DP focus is.
I understand this is not black and white.
Alternative would be to do sorting on these criteria, sorting on TSS and IF is quite useful.
The category filter is almost useless in my opinion.
Would be nice to be able to filter (or sort) also on history, last time played. Again, now I have to open the workout first and scroll to the bottom of the screen to check if and when I did this one before.

@scvgr Maybe I am misunderstanding the question but did you try the filters? You can filter on 4DP focus and also filter by TSS and IF.

It would be nice. And happily, you can. From Library , click Cycling, click Filter, then scroll down to 4DP Focus and click the one you want.

I checked again and found out that the option to filter on 4DP focus ONLY shows up when you choose “Cycling” first. When you choose channel first, as I usually do to go to the Sufferlandria rides, the 4DP Focus filter doesn’t show.
Thank you for pointing this out to me, I now have a solution to the issue. It would be nice if it worked also for the channels. I guess this is a bug.


You have discovered the “feature” in the Library that drives me most crazy: that the filter is worse if you choose a channel first. It makes no sense. Since discovering that, I NEVER pick a channel first. I pick Cycling. And if I want a specific channel, I can filter it from Cycling.


You are clearly faster than me…