4DP Profile History in SYSTM App


I rode a new Full Frontal Test this morning, so I have new numbers that I could find in my athlete profile.
As to see my progression, I’d like to see my old results, as I could see in my Passport in TheSufferfest App (I’m on MacOSx).
Is the history available somewhere in the new SYSTM App ? I’ve also searched on the iPhone App, but did not find.

Thanks for your help ! :hugs:


I don’t think that feature is available yet.

As a work around, if you look back in the calendar at the details of a workout from before your latest FF it should show the 4DP profile used - you can manually make a note of the old numbers from that.

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I’m not sure this feature is active yet but it is something the team are working on as we appreciate that people would love to have this feature back


That information is available when you download your ride history. All four numbers are shown for the ride when you did it: PowerProfile: FTP, PowerProfile: NM, PowerProfile: AC, PowerProfile: MAP.

Not as convenient as before but available with a little work.

Are you talking about the request to email your history?

That doesn’t work for me. The minions tell me it’s got something to do with the number of activities in my History (0ver 1600). I’m also, atm, not getting emails of completed activities when I complete them. I’m sure it’ll all get sorted but it’s not working yet.

Have you tried looking for the results email from your last test in your inbox, try searching for half Monty or full frontal.

Now you’re just showing off! :smiley:


Haha. I checked and it’s currently sitting at 1726. There’s many Sufferlandrians with more than this. Also, fwiw, there’s a LOT of Breathing to Calm Down :wink:


Sir Glen: I think I’m one of those. Been here since 2013…


Found a solution ! I did not notice that the installation of SYSTM has not removed TheSufferfest App on my iMac. It runs like a charm and It was even updated with the test results I’ve made this morning in the SYSTM App !


Good to know, as I also just ran a new test and wanted to see how far I fell off from my last go… :slight_smile:

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shhhh! Grunter might hear you and take it away as was intended Nov 15. My hope is that until the activity history feature is up and running in SYSM that they leave it be. But still, shhh!


Some functionalities have just disappeared of the old Sufferfest app, for example you can no longer choose plans (not the same as in SYSTM).

Choosing plans is definitely different in SYSTM but you can still choose them (and preview them). Do none of the SYSTM plans meet your needs?

You’ve no longer the ability to choose to include outdoors rides in the plans :cry:

Yeah…but you can substitute an outdoor ride for an indoor one whenever you want. Often the long rides describe the workouts to make taking them outdoors really easy. But you can substitute even if they don’t. Just try to get the general intent of the ride done.

Personally, I have never been able to ride a hard, structured, interval workout outside with the hills and traffic. So I just do simpler, longer rides outside, And if the weather is beautiful on an interval day, I move the interval day to tomorrow.

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Apparently not. My Sufferfest app on MacOS doesn’t load anymore and I couldn’t find a 4DP Profile History in System. Yes, I can take a sharp pencil and figure it out by myself but would have thought that this is something fit for a computer.
Back to the topic, is there a 4DP Profile History in the making and, if so, when will it be ready?
Does someone know?

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Edit. Icymi @scvgr

If you go to your athlete profile your full fitness test history is there. Just click on the arrow beside fitness test history. This is from iOS


For completeness, same story on Android and Windows. I did have a beta version but I’m pretty condfident this is general release now.

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Click on the top most ‘Fist’
Click on Athlete Profile
Click on ‘Greater Than’ symbol to the right of Fitness Test History
There is no graph (yet) but a list of all of your tests (and incomplete and saved tests) are shown

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