4dp full frontal

Wowzers, done. My first one and ftp was pretty consistent with the Half Monty I’d done a few weeks ago. I think I paced it fairly well. Reviewing the power numbers think I went too hard early on on the MAP as my last minute was reducing although I can’t consciously remember that. On ftp, I was thinking 5 mins in, am I going to make it to the end (?!) let alone with anything in the tank. Definitely a mental challenge as well as physical…So I’m just pleased I survived especially after the excesses of Christmas.

Out on the road I always considered myself a bit of climber, being a lightweight, so was quite surprised to come in as a Persuiter.

Really enjoying SYSTM though. This is the first year I’ve taken indoor training a bit more seriously. I’ve normally just taken December to March pretty much off. So hoping to get stuck in next year in good shape from the get go.

So now time to deliberate what to do next…I started with the free trial, then the week preparation to get me here. Wondering where to go next. I would like to improve my FTP, so maybe I should do the specific building block associated with that. Or do others think a general all round 12 week plan is the way to go for a newbie? Or maybe something else? Great to be here though and a fantastic motivator :grinning:


There’s a training plan coming (supposed to start Jan 3) for the 10th annual Tour of Sufferlandria (Feb 27-Mar 5). Maybe just explore some vids that look interesting to you then settle in for the greatest grand tour of a mythical nation in the whole wide world :slight_smile:

Congrats on getting through FF!


Guess you did it right, then.