First Half Monty Results

Today was another great day :partying_face:

I completed my Half Monty test to gauge my increased fitness halfway through my eSports racing training program.

My MAP number increased from 181w to 239w (58w increase) and my FTP increased from 144w to 191w (47w increase)! :sunglasses::raised_hands:t5::muscle:t5:

Very very happy with these numbers and now Iโ€™m looking forward to solidifying them over the next few weeks and preparing myself for the next Full Frontal on 11/22! :grin::tada:

My reward glass of whiskey was earned today :muscle:t5:


Howโ€™d it go?

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The results are inโ€ฆ

2nd ever 4DP test in the books and my increases are as follows:

NM 5 second: 15.02w/kg @ 1250w (79w increase)

MAP 5 minute: 3.08 w/kg @ 256w (75w increase)

FTP 20 minute: 2.33 w/kg @ 194w (50w increase)

AC 1 minute: 4.84 w/kg @ 403w (85w increase)

Increases across the board and I even hit one of the extra goals I set for myself with getting an above 400w AC 1 minute power!


Nice work! Thatโ€™s a huge 5 sec power number relative to everything else.

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Yeah Iโ€™ve seen a number of these recently where the 5 Second power is very high in comparison to 20 min FTP and 5 min MAP. I guess some cyclists have very powerful legs but canโ€™t maintain that for longer lengths of time.

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Yup, thatโ€™s pretty much me in a nutshell lol.

My focus over the past 12 weeks and moving forward are to focus on MAP and FTP training and push myself consistently in those areas. Iโ€™ve also been joining Zwift races and pushing myself to hold the wheels with the front groups with FTPโ€™s higher than mine.

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