Defender, Defended

I must have been kidding myself for the last two months. I’ve been a Sufferlandrian for over 18 months now. I’ve tested Full Frontal three times, the last one being January and each time achieved a modest improvement in all metrics. I’ve also tested with the Half Monty in between and each time the FTP & MAP figures improved in line with the FF results. I’ve trained more consistently this year and did my latest Half Monty in May with a modest +6W FTP / +8W MAP gain which seemed plausible and I was delighted to see record figures for me.
I then embarked on MAP & FTP building blocks programmes, then attempted the Volcano Climbing programme. I aborted this in the second week due to illness, rested, then started again two weeks ago.

In the last 2 months, aside from recovery workouts, I have failed to complete each and every training workout. I’ve had to take extended recoveries between sections, skip sections, turn down the power settings, all sorts of methods just to get to the finish. It’s been somewhat demoralising.
However, after last week being brutally beaten by The Hunted, I decided I had to ease off. I just turned down my workout settings to the level of January’s FF and tonight rode Defender. It was totally achievable and has given me a confidence boost.

Tomorrow it’s Power Station which I know will not be so easy. I plan to finish off the Volcano Climbing programme, take a week off then build to Full Frontal test again.

(Despite my failings I have felt great on the road. I even did a 100 min ride last week and averaged 1.01 Intensity Factor with Normalised Power above my FTP from the May Half Monty.)


@Fantom Those 4 week plans are brutal - especially MAP and Volcano. It is hard to do those back to back and without a rest week in between.

Hey Richard,
Sounds like you’ve been pushing the training pretty hard for a while. I think you could benefit from some well earned recovery weeks. We recommend taking at least 1 week between training plans as it takes the body a while to recover from the strain. It looks like you’ve been on a high with your numbers for a while so taking some consolidation time will allow you to come back stronger in due course.

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Thanks guys. In fact I did take a week of rest between plans but agree I need a little more rest and recovery.

Well I tried to continue with the Volcano Climbing training programme but it sort of fizzled out due to other life commitments. However, despite this I would consider the training I have done a success as I rode my 10 mile commute to work for the first time this year, and encountered a stiff head wind. I pressed on and got one of my highest power outputs for that ride, then even greater on the way home.

Today I rode Thin Air. It was scheduled for Thursday but I was too tired to ride it then. I’ve always thought it a very hard workout as it plays on my weaknesses. I have mainly ridden part of it in the It Seemed Like Thin Air mashup and really struggled, but today pushed through and felt fairly good at the end, again making my best stab at the workout.

Then this evening a suffered in a different way on the turbo trainer. Walking hurriedly through I stubbed my toe hard. I think it is broken - I’ve broken a number of toes over the years and recognise the sensations. I few days off the trainer and I should be able to ride again. Walking may be a longer recovery.


Congratulations on your new outputs.

I’ve only done the Volcano Plan once but loved it. Tough. Perhaps for when when toe better and life not getting in the way of Suffering …

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