4DP: How often?

Hi everyone,

I am currently in the middle of the all purpose road plan. I did a FF just before starting. I feel I’m making pretty good progress with the all purpose so far.

Do you test in the middle of programs? Do you test after each program? If so, do you do the 4DP prep week before doing so, or just jump in to the test?

Thanks all. Keep at it.


The general consensus is to do a FF every 12 weeks or so.

The prep plan of a week I believe is essential for good results.

During plans, there may be a Half Monty but not a FF

In any case, it’s a super hard workout. If you feel it fits your schedule, you may as well fit one in.


Unless something changed, the All Purpose plan has Half Monty scheduled about 6 weeks in. You don’t have to do anything special!


Thank you, more wondering if I should do one between programs.

The All Purpose plan has a Full Frontal as the grand finale.


Most of the plans I’ve done have had a FF at the end, but if not, I always do a FF whenever I’m between plans - more specifically I take on the FF prep week to the end of my plan.